Why Odin Is Gay Gun

Why Odin Is Gay Gun? Shocking Reason!

There are lots of gun in Valorant that can be used by Valorant players. One of these guns is Odin. Odin is a machine gun in Valorant. However, some Valorant players say that Odin users are gay. Why is this? Why Odin is gay gun? 

Why Odin is gay gun? The reason why Odin is a gay gun is because of the features this gun has. Odin has lots of bullets, a lot of damage, and shoots pretty quickly. You just need to aim it to the body of the enemy and control the recoil. Valorant players calls Odin users as gays because they don’t know how to counter Odin and get killed by it easily. 

Let’s check more information about this Odin gun in Valorant so that you can understand why some Valorant players are frustrated about this gun and burst their frustration by calling an enemy player that uses Odin gay. 

What Is Odin In Valorant?

Riot Games’ tactical first-person shooter VALORANT has a lot of weapons. To become a master of the game, it’s important to learn how to use all of the weapons. So, we made a set of guides for VALORANT weapons that talk about how much they cost, how much damage they do, and how to control their recoil. We’ll talk about the Odin light machine gun in this guide.

The Odin costs 3200 credits, making it the second most expensive weapon in VALORANT. You have to have a lot of money in the game and buy a shield and/or an ability to pay for it. When you buy the Odin, you make a promise to yourself. 

Most of the time, it costs too much to buy a weapon just because you think it will help you win one round. You are counting on Odin to do more than that and help your team get through more than one round.

A lot of damage is done by the Odin. When a bullet hits a person in the body or the leg, it does about as much damage as the Vandal. Headshots do much less damage, but that’s not why you’re buying the Odin. You’re buying it so you can “spray and pray” with bullets. 

The Odin shoots very quickly, from 12 bullets per second at first to 15.6 bullets per second very quickly. It has 100 bullets in its magazine, so you can hold down the fire button for a long time and kill multiple players who are running towards you.

The Odin is made for combat at medium range, where its huge amount of fire can reliably do a lot of damage. At farther distances, it doesn’t work as well and the bullets do a lot less damage.

In VALORANT, the recoil of an LMG is different from that of other rifles. Most fully automatic rifles have two different ways to fire. There is a mode called “hipfire” that fires quickly but is less accurate, and there is a mode called “ADS” (Aim Down Sight) that fires more slowly but makes up for it by reducing the recoil a little bit.

Even the Odin has both a hip fire mode and an ADS mode. But they have another trick up their sleeves: if you crouch while firing, the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil is also lessened. This does work with the ADS mode to make the Odin’s recoil a lot less and its accuracy a lot better.

One of the best things about the Odin is that it doesn’t slow down when you switch to ADS mode. The main “con” of using your visor is that it zooms in your view by a factor of 1.25, making it harder to see enemies coming from the side. The zoom feature does help a little bit when trying to hit enemies far away, though.

Even though the Odin’s recoil can be greatly reduced, it still needs to be dealt with if the fire button is held down. The best way to stop the recoil is to move your mouse down as the Odin moves up. This stops the movement. The Odin rocks from left to right, which is hard to stop and takes a lot of practice because it is so unpredictable.

The Odin is a big, loud hurricane in the shape of a VALORANT weapon. It rips through enemies without much care, but that’s exactly what it’s meant to do. Even though it costs a lot, the Odin can be very useful. If you think the enemies will rush to a single point, this can be a very bad plan. Most of the time, though, a Vandal or Phantom is better for one-on-one fights because they are more accurate and can do more damage with a single bullet.

Why Is Odin A Gay Gun? Conclusion

The reason why Valorant players called other Valorant players that use Odin as gay is because of the features of Odin. Compared to other guns in Valorant, it is easy to kill enemies with Odin because it has lots of bullets, it shoots very quickly, and the damage is very high. 

However, if you know how to counter an Odin, you will not state that a Valorant player that uses Odin is gay. Some Valorant players say this because they are frustrated because they don’t know how to counter Odin users and get killed pretty quickly.