Why Is Valorant Popular In Japan

Why Is Valorant Popular In Japan? This Is Why!

Valorant is an addicting game. In fact, lots of Asian people are drawn into this game, which includes Japan. But how did Valorant thrive in Japan? Why is Valorant popular in Japan? Let’s find out!

Why is Valorant popular in Japan? The reason why Valorant is popular in Japan is because Japanese people seem to love the gameplay and design of Valorant. The other reason why Valorant is popular in Japan is because of streamers and pro players that advertise the game through their streams. 

Why Is Valorant So Popular In Japan?

The reason why Valorant is so popular in Japan is because of the gameplay of Valorant. Lots of Japanese gamers love these kinds of games, which are very colorful and the design is very authentic. 

One of the games that Japanese love that is also colorful and has a good design is Apex Legends. 

Over the past year, Apex has become very popular, and many of those streamers now play both Apex and Valorant.

They also hold regular tournaments like Twitch Rivals, in which popular YouTubers take part. This helps get the word out about the game and brings a lot of console gamers to PC gaming.

Valorant boom began in Japan when the game was just getting started. If I remember correctly, the main reason was because Seki (a.k.a. Stylishnoob), one of the most popular and influential streamers here, got burned playing APEX and tried Valorant (as you can see, he somehow got hooked to the game to this day). 

Valorant quickly became popular, and a lot of well-known streamers and YouTubers also started playing it. It also helps that the valorant competitive scene is a lot of fun to watch. Thanks to how passionate the Japanese casters are (some well-known JP casters are Taiga Kishi, Yukishiro, Ooda, and Yue), a lot of casual viewers can still enjoy and follow both the domestic and international valorant scene.

Valorant became so popular in Japan because of the Valorant tournaments that are rising. Since Japan is a competitive country, FPS pro players and just casual FPS players started to play Valorant and master the game to compete in the Valorant tournament. 

Do Japanese People Play Valorant?

Yes! Japanese people play Valorant. In fact, Japanese people love playing Valorant! Japan is one of the countries in Asia that have lots of Valorant players. Like I have said above, Japanese people love Valorant because of the gameplay and how Riot design their game. 

How Do You Play Japanese People In Valorant?

You will need a Japanese IP address to play on a Japanese server in Valorant. You can get a Japanese IP address by using a VPN or a proxy server. Once you have a Japanese IP address, you will need to make a Japanese account. After that, you can join any Japanese server.

Riot Games has added a Japanese server to the League of Legends game lineup. Because the game is played in Japanese, players can choose from a wide range of languages and ping levels. 

You can play League of Legends on the Japanese server by getting the client and logging into your account. After you start the Riot Client, click the options button in the lower right corner of the screen to fill out your user information. 

By going to the Current Patchline section, you can choose a Japanese server. The client’s language will be changed to Japanese as a result. Once you’ve filled out your User information, click the Sign In button on the client. This will get rid of the need to connect to the internet through a VPN.

Final Words

To conclude, the main reason why Valorant is popular in Japan is because of the design and gameplay of the game and because of pro players and streamers that made the game very popular in Japan.