Why Is Street Fighter 6 So Expensive

Why Is Street Fighter 6 So Expensive?

Street Fighter 6 is the most awaited game this 2023! Lots of gamers have waited for this amazing game! However, there is an issue on the price that makes gamers hesitant to buy the game. The price of Street Fighter 6 is so expensive! But, what is the reason? Why is Street Fighter 6 so expensive?

Why is Street Fighter 6 so expensive? The reason why Street Fighter is so expensive is because of the modes developers added to the game. There are things that are added on Street Fighter 6 that Street Fighter 5 does not have. Based on the reviews I have read, I can say that Street Fighter 6 is worth the money. 

How Much Does Street Fighter 6 Cost?

Street Fighter 6 is coming out on June 2, 2023, for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will come in two versions, and the price will start at $59.99. SF6, as it is affectionately called, can be preordered at all the usual stores (check it at Amazon).

Aside from Amazon, you can find Street Fighter 6 on other stores. However, at Amazon, the prices are lower compared to other stores. 

Is Street Fighter 6 Worth It?

Since Street Fighter 6 is so expensive, lots of gamers have asked if it is worth it to buy Street Fighter 6. So, is Street Fighter 6 worth it? 

Based on what I have read on some of the experts’ reviews, I can say that Street Fighter 6 is worth it. It has lots of gameplay added and the best thing is that you can create your own character and you can interact with other players. 

Aside from that, there are a lot of things that Street Fighter 6 developers have added into the game. They also made the controls simple. Check that gameplay of Street Fighter 6 below and you judge if it is worth the money. 

Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

Street Fighter 6 was first talked about in February 2023, when a very short teaser trailer showed Ryu’s new look, which was rougher. During the June 2 State of Play, more information about the game was shared. Since then, even more information has been shared or leaked. We learned that the game will come out on June 2, 2023, at The Game Awards.

One of the new things about Street Fighter 6 is that it is moving to the RE Engine (do you see a pattern in how Ryu and Chris Redfield’s faces are getting really dirty?) And, for the first time in the Street Fighter series, there will be in-game commentary during fights. One of these commentators is WWE’s Zelina Vega, who is also a big gamer and dressed up as Juri for the Royal Rumble.

New Game Modes

By moving Street Fighter 6 to the RE Engine, the developers can change not only the graphics and presentation of the game but also how it is played. So, Capcom added three different game modes to Street Fighter 6 to give players three different ways to play. These game modes are:

Fighting Ground: Fighting Ground is where players go when they just want to beat each other up. It has all the classic game modes, like Arcade, Online, Training, and Local Versus.

World Tour: a single-player story mode that “pushes the limits of what a fighting game can be and lets players leave their own mark with their player avatar.” We’re not sure what this means for sure yet, but it sounds very exciting and promising. For the first time in Street Fighter history, players will be able to make their own character and play in an open world. In this mode, players can learn new moves and improve their stats by studying under the guidance of different masters.

Battle Hub: a “place where players can find new and different ways to engage, talk, and interact.” At first, not much was known about the Battle Hub. However, during the Tokyo Game Show, more information about the Battle Hub was revealed. This showed that the Battle Hub is just a hub for online multiplayer battles where you can show off your own character.

New Mechanic: The Driver Meter And Calling Your Mentor In Battle

The big new thing in Street Fighter 6 changes how players fight and do their moves, of course. In this new game, the V-gauge that was in Street Fighter V has been replaced by the Drive Meter. In a similar way, the Drive Meter gives fighters the ability to use different skills. The Drive Meter is a multi-segment yellow gauge that is right below the health bar. You can do many different things with your Drive Meter, such as:

Drive Impact: A heavy attack that, like a Focus Attack, can absorb an attack from an opponent. When done near a corner, it can pin the opponent against the wall even if they are blocking. This makes it much easier to break through wall defenses.

Drive Parry: Blocks an attack coming at you and fills the Drive meter. When an attack is blocked in perfect time, this is called a “Perfect Parry.”

Overdrive: Replaces EX Different moves. An improved special move that adds hits or changes the way its base move works.

Drive Rush: A fast dash that can be done after a Drive Parry or a normal attack that can be stopped. It costs more Drive gauge to rush out of a normal move than to parry.

Drive Reversal: Similar to an Alpha Counter or V-Reversal, the user blocks an incoming attack and responds with a move that does low damage.

With the Drive abilities, it’s easier to turn the tables on an enemy if you’ve learned their tells and are quick on your feet. But players will also need to be a bit careful with how they use The Drive Meter. The Drive Meter slowly fills up over time, but if it runs out, the player will be in a “burnout” state.

A big part of Street Fighter 6’s story mode is learning from the best fighters in each style. So, it will be hard for the player character to find these masters all over the world and learn from them. 

Building a relationship with these masters will give players access to new fighting styles and moves they can use to customize their characters. Eventually, players will also be able to call on their mentors and fight alongside them. Later on, we’ll find out more about how this mechanism works.

Simplified Controls

A simplified control scheme like the one used in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has been added to Street Fighter 6 to make it easier for new players to learn. With this control scheme, instead of the usual six attack buttons, there will only be three generic attack buttons and one button for Special Attacks. This will make it easier for new players to pull off complex attacks.

Of course, anyone who learned how to use the complicated controls for combos and special moves would still be better than anyone who used the simplified controls. This will not be up for discussion. The Simplified Control Scheme is only there to make it easier for people who have never played a fighting game before to join in on the fun and for people who just want to play Street Fighter 6 by themselves.

Final Words

The extra modes that were added to Street Fighter 6 are the reason why Street Fighter 6 is so expensive. Street Fighter 6 has some extra features that Street Fighter 5 doesn’t have. From what I’ve read about Street Fighter 6, I can say that it’s worth the money.