Why Does My Gaming Laptop Sound Like A Jet Engine

Gaming Laptop Sound Like A Jet Engine? Here’s The Fix!

Our laptop will not live running well forever. That is why sooner or later, our laptop might have issues. One of the issues your laptop might get is sounding like a jet engine. If you ever wondered why your laptop is starting to sound like a jet engine, chances are that your laptop is overheating. 

That is the problem with laptops. Yes! You can bring your laptop anywhere and comfortably. You can work or play anywhere you like. However, this machine is prone to heat problems compared to a desktop PC. There is not enough room for air to flow freely and not enough fans to make it cooler. Also, the components of laptops are crammed together, which means that heat can easily build up inside your laptop.

In this article, we will talk about laptops. I will tell you the different tactics that you need to apply if your gaming laptop starts to sound like a jet engine. So, if you are ready to learn more about laptops, let’s get it going!

Is It Normal For Your Laptop To Sound Like A Jet Engine?

No, it is not normal for your gaming laptop to sound like a jet engine. When your gaming laptop sounds like a jet engine, fans and hard disk have problems. These components will sound like a jet engine because these components are old or have some dust. 

For many users, using a laptop that makes a noise similar to a jet engine can be alarming and frequently causes them to worry about the health and functionality of the machine. While some level of noise from a laptop’s operation is common, a loud and continuous noise resembling a jet engine is typically not accepted as normal and may be a sign of more serious problems.

Since laptops use internal fans to dissipate heat produced by the components, such as the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU), laptop fan noise is a common occurrence. These fans are essential for sustaining ideal operating temperatures and avoiding overheating, which can impair performance or even damage hardware. Therefore, some fan noise should be expected, especially when the hardware is working hard, as it will be when performing demanding tasks like gaming or video editing.

However, it may be a sign of potential issues if the fan noise becomes excessively loud, constant, or high-pitched. One frequent problem is dust buildup in the cooling system of laptops. Dust accumulation over time can obstruct fan blades and clog vents, making it more difficult for fans to maintain proper airflow. The aforementioned noise resembling a jet engine may result from this. This issue can be reduced with regular cleaning of the laptop’s internals, especially the cooling components.

Software-related issues might also be a cause of excessive fan noise. The fans may run at higher speeds and produce more noise if the laptop’s components are constantly engaged as a result of malware or resource-hungry background processes. Updating the operating system and running routine malware scans can both assist in addressing this potential cause.

A mechanical problem with the laptop’s fan or bearing may occasionally cause abnormal noise. The internal components of the laptop may have been harmed if it was dropped or physically impacted. In such cases, it is advised to seek professional assistance to identify and fix the problem.

How Do I Deal With My Loud Fan?

So, what should you do if your gaming laptop starts to sound like a jet engine? Well, let me give you the things you should do with your loud gaming laptop.

Cool The Heat

Are you resting your gaming laptop on a thick blanket? Or on your lap? Putting your gaming laptop on your lap is not a good idea. Soft furnishings such as clothes, blankets, carpets, and bedsheets are great materials for heat insulation. 

If you rest or put your laptop in these places, it will trap the heat your gaming laptop should be releasing. This will overheat your laptop. Using your laptop on your lap for long hours can put you at risk for burn injury too. 

You should put your laptop on a flat, smooth surface like a desk or a lap tray. The bottom of your laptop should not be touching the surface as much as possible. 

Clean Your Laptop

Second, you should start cleaning your gaming laptop if it starts sounding like a jet engine. Dust, hair, and ash can gank up your gaming laptop’s fans and make it malfunction. They reduce the airflow inside your gaming laptop, making it run hotter. You can take your gaming laptop to a service center for cleaning. 

Kill Processes 

Fans can also go on overdrive if there is too much demand placed on the hardware. If your gaming laptop starts to sound like a jet engine, there might be lots of programs that are running. 

The best way to solve the overheating issue of your gaming laptop is to kill or end heavy processes that are taking a toll on your gaming laptop. You can do this by going to the task manager in Windows and ending all the heavy applications that you are not using. 

Should I Throw My Gaming Laptop If It Started To Sound Like A Jet Engine?

It can be very unsettling to use a gaming laptop that sounds like a jet engine. It’s annoying and disruptive to your work or leisure, but it’s important to think about the possible repercussions of throwing your laptop. Modern laptops are intricate electronic devices with delicate parts that are not built to withstand physical damage. Throwing your laptop could seriously harm it, make it completely unusable, and possibly result in data loss.

Due to a variety of reasons, including overheating, dust accumulation, or increased processing demands, laptops frequently produce noise. These problems might not always call for a violent response like throwing. Instead, it’s wise to take a calm, objective look at the situation to see if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed.

It’s important to keep in mind that damaging a laptop out of impulse can result in both monetary and functional losses. Laptops are expensive investments. It’s generally a better idea to look into non-physically damaging options when your laptop is making a lot of noise, such as cleaning the fans, optimizing software, or getting help from a professional if necessary.

In the long run, dealing with the noise’s root causes will help keep your laptop functional and prolong its life. Although it’s understandable to be frustrated, it’s best to use caution and consider other options before throwing your laptop to prevent regrettable outcomes.

Final Words

The reason why your gaming laptop starts to sound like a jet engine is that you’re placing your gaming laptop in the wrong place, your gaming laptop has dust inside, or your gaming laptop is running lots of heavy applications. You must check the reason why your gaming laptop sounds like a jet engine so that you can identify what you should do.