Why Do Valorant Players Say Sheesh

Why Do Valorant Players Say Sheesh? The Truth!

Valorant is an exciting FPS game that attracts many gamers worldwide. The game became a trend, which created some new words that are different to our ears. One of the terms or words Valorant made well-known is sheesh.

If you are a Valorant player, then probably you have heard this already. However, what is the real reason why Valorant players say sheesh? Let us find out. 

Why do Valorant players say sheesh? Valorant players say sheesh to express amazement, excitement, or awe. Valorant players say sheesh to show their exaggerated appreciation for beautiful plays or rounds. If a player clutch the round, his/her teammates will most likely say sheesh, especially if it’s a 1 versus 5 situation. 

Today, I will discuss the word sheesh. I will tell you who started saying it and what it really means. The word “sheesh” is not only used in Valorant. It is also used in other games such as League of Legends, CSGO, DOTA 2, and more!

The word has become popular throughout other games. So, let us find out if the meaning of sheesh in Valorant is the same with other games. 

Who Started Saying Sheesh?

The very first person who says sheesh is a Tik Tok user called @meetjulio. He created the sound and shared alongside with a video of a huge frog. Because of this guy, the word sheesh was created and now used by many people, especially in the Valorant community. 

What Does Sheesh Mean?

Many people or gamers have used the word sheesh. The meaning of sheesh is just one and that is to show disbelief or exasperation. It shows excitement. So, whatever game you play, whether it’s Valorant or whatever, the meaning of the word or term sheesh will never change. 

Final Verdict

The reason why Valorant players say sheesh is to show excitement or appreciation in a play or round. If your teammate got an ace, clutched the round, or one tap, probably you will say sheesh automatically because of amazement.