Why Do Valorant Players Say Numbers

Why Do Valorant Players Say Numbers? This Is Why!

If you are new to valorant, then maybe there are lots of things that you are not familiar with. Valorant is hard to understand at first because the characters have skills and the spray of guns are not the same as CS:Go. One of the things new valorant players get confused about is when players say numbers. 

In tournaments or pro Valorant games, players say numbers. Even me, I play Valorant a lot and I say numbers to my teammates. However, what does it mean? Why do Valorant players say numbers during the game? Here, let me tell you the reason why!

Why do Valorant players say numbers? Valorant players say numbers to tell their teammates how much they have reduced on the enemy’s life. When a Valorant player says 136, then it means that the player hit the enemy and reduced the enemy’s life with 136. Valorant players say numbers to alarm their teammates that the enemy is low. 

Saying numbers in Valorant is considered comms. You need to learn how to say numbers because it is essential so that your teammate will be alarmed that one of the enemy is low so that your teammate will have much confidence to attack and try to kill that low enemy. 

Today, we will talk about numbers that are related to Valorant. You will learn many things related to Valorant. So, if you are a beginner in Valorant, then I suggest you finish the whole article. So, if you are ready to learn, let us proceed! 

What Does Number Mean In Valorant Chat?

You might not understand what it means if you see some of your teammates’ chat numbers in Valorant, especially if you are still learning the platform. What does it actually mean, though? Let me tell you what, though.

The numbers you see in your friends’ Valorous discussions match what I stated earlier. It is the amount of health an adversary reduces for one of your teammates. Due to lack of a microphone or for other reasons, your teammate chose to chat rather than use voice chat. I’ll use one as an illustration.

Let’s say one of your teammates struck an opponent. Let’s assume that the opposing team has a sage as well. The life of the enemy Sage will be decreased if one of your teammates used a vandal or other gun to hit him. If your friend dies, a number will now show up on the left side when you click tab or look at everyone’s KDA in the game once it has been decreased.

Your teammate will tell you, if your teammate has good comms, how much he/she hitted the enemy Sage. It can be 130, 120, or any number. But if it’s a head shot or one tap, then your teammate will not tell a number because the enemy Sage is dead already. 

It is preferable that you use voice chat while playing the game. It is preferable because your team will be able to understand what you need to say and what you desire effortlessly. To decide whether to press the enemy or not, you and your teammate must know how much you or your teammate decreased the opponent.

What Is The Number On Top In Valorant?

The number on top in Valorant during the game is the time and the score. In Valorant’s unrated and competitive mode, you must have 13 rounds to win the game. However, it still depends because the enemy might surrender early. 

You should look at the time also because there is a time limit in Valorant each round. If you are a attacker then you must plant the bomb before this time runs out. Otherwise, you will lose the round and the defending team will have the score. 

What Does Ace Mean In Valorant? 

Ace indicates that you defeated all five opponents by yourself. The term “Team Ace” denotes that you and your teammates each eliminated an enemy. It is a Team Ace if you and all of your teammates have eliminated one enemy.

How To Know How Much Damage You Did In Valorant?

Now you want to know how much damage you did on an enemy in Valorant so that you can report it to your teammate and make your teammates aware that there is an enemy that is low. So, how to know or identify how much damage you did in Valorant?

You can identify how much damage you did in Valorant by checking on the combat report on the right side of the screen. If you don’t see it, hit “N” on your keyboard to display or hide it. From there, you can see how much damage you dealt, how much enemy you damage, and how much the enemies damage you.

Final Words 

The reason why Valorant players say numbers is to alarm their teammates how much they reduced the life of one of the enemy’s players. It is essential to know how much your teammate reduced the enemy so that you will have the confidence to push and kill the enemy that has been hit by your teammate.