Why Do Top Clash Of Clans Players Have Bad Bases

Why Do Top Clash Of Clans Players Have Bad Bases?

Being one of the top Clash of Clans players, many players that are in low rank expect you to have a good base. When I was at silver rank, I actually aimed to upgrade my Town Hall into level 12 so that I can copy the bases of the top Clash of Clans players. But what if you see some top Clash of Clans players that have bad bases? You might be wondering why they have such a bad base. Right? Well, let’s find out the reason!

The reason why some top Clash of Clans players have bad bases is because of looting purposes. Some top Clash of Clans players will make their bases look bad so that the enemy can gain stars easily, causing top players to lose trophies and rank down. Once they rank down, they will find and attack low rank players that have bad bases with good loot. 

This is a strategic thing some top Clash of Clans players execute. They find it hard to loot on the top rank, which is why they try to manipulate their trophies so that they will rank down and find a weaker base that has good loot to attack. 

Why Do Top Clash Of Clans Players Have Bad Bases?

If you are a beginner in Clash of Clans, you might probably look up to top Clash of Clans players in terms of base. All we know is that when you are a top Clash of Clans player, your base should be good. But if you see a top Clash of clans player that has a bad base, you might wonder what this top Clash of Clan player is trying to do. 

If you see a top Clash of Clans player that has a bad base, it means they are doing something. Some top Clash of Clans players make their base look bad to reduce their trophies so that they can face lower rank players that have weaker bases and lots of loot. 

In Clash of Clans, the higher your rank, the harder to find a base that has good loot and hard to find a base that is easy to attack. That is why some top Clash of Clans players have bad bases so that other players can attack them easily, making it easy for them to lose trophies. 

Once they lose a certain amount of trophies or have been ranked down, they will start to attack Clash of Clans players with lower rank that have a weaker base with plenty of loot

The other reason why some top Clash of Clans players have bad bases is because they are trolling. Some build a bad base because maybe they are tired of being the best! . 

What Makes A Good Clash Of Clans Base?

When you play Clashing well, protecting your trophies and loot is one of the most important things you can do.

It all depends on how your base is built. In addition to giving you a good plan for attacking, defensive layouts give you the chance to protect the resources you’ve made or stolen.

Your enemies can easily get to your loot, trophies, and war stars if your base isn’t built well. On the other hand, a well-built base can protect important resources and keep your enemies (and their goblins) out.

Here are some tips from experts on how to keep your best things safe.

What Do You Need To Protect?

When planning your base, it’s important to know what to protect and what not to protect.

As a general rule, all of your defenses and storages should be inside your walls, where they will be safe. Other buildings, like army camps, should never be inside your walls. Think of your base as a dartboard. The bullseye is the part of your base that is the safest.

What’s in the bullseye? Town Hall – Depending on your plan, you can put your Town Hall either inside or outside of your walls. In trophy mode, the target is your TH. It’s the building you want to keep safe the most. Getting rid of it is the difference between a one-star attack and a two- or three-star one.

For trophy hunting, your town hall should be inside your base’s walls and in the center. It should also be well protected by your defenses. In farming mode, where you only care about getting resources to build your village, your TH should be in the corner outside of your walls. This makes it easy for enemies to get trophies while keeping your valuable resource storages safe.

Storages – Unless you are building a war base or trying to get a lot of trophies, the most important building to protect is your storages. Dark elixir is the most important thing you can store in the game. Your dark elixir storage should be the most protected building you have besides your TH. It should be in the middle of your base and be well protected. No exceptions.

You should put your other storages inside your walls and protect them with defenses, preferably splash defenses. Storages should be spread out across your base, not all in one place. Putting all of their storages in the middle of their base is a big mistake that many players make.

A skilled raider can easily get to the center of the base, where all the resources are, and steal them all. When storages are spread out, it’s harder to steal everything that’s in them.

Clan Castle – Your clan castle should be seen as both a place to defend and a place to store things. If you are in a clan, you can use clan troops to add an extra layer of defense to your clan castle, and it can also hold all of your war loot.

Your clan castle could go in the middle of your base, near where you keep your dark elixir. This will make it harder to send out the clan castle troops before an attack, and it will also keep your loot safe.

Place your first line of defense right outside the buildings that are the safest. Some of these defenses do damage in a wide area or do a lot of damage.

Mortar – Mortar defenses do damage to more than one target at once. Mortars have a wide range of attack and should be put in the middle of your base. This will let them attack and kill groups of troops, like archers, from a far distance.

X-Bow & Inferno Tower – Most of the time, you should put your Xbow and Inferno towers in the middle of your base. Both of these defenses deal a lot of damage to enemy troops and are very useful for keeping your loot safe.

Hidden Tesla – When you reach town hall 7 or higher, you can find Tesla. These defensive buildings protect against raiding troops in a sneaky way. In farming mode, putting a Tesla near a storage location helps defend it even more. Teslas should be put near your town hall in trophy mode. 

After your archer towers and cannons, you should have a second line of defense just outside your mortars (discussed below).

Wizard Tower – Wizard towers do damage to more than one target at once, but they can only attack a small area. Place it behind archer towers and cannons in the second line of defense and near storages for farming bases. If they are placed near storages, they can quickly kill groups of troops like archers, barbs, and goblins.

Air defence & Air Sweeper – The only thing air defenses do is attack air troops. They do a lot of damage to air units, but they just get in the way of ground units. Place them all over the inner layers of your base. This will give you the most defense if you are attacked from the air.

Heroes – Putting your heroes inside your walls is another way to protect yourself. They should be put inside the walls, behind the first line of defensive buildings like cannons and archer towers.

Your first line of defense should be in the outermost part of your base. These defenses should be easy to attack from a wide area, so they can start killing enemy troops quickly.

Cannon & Archer Tower – These defenses do damage to a single target and have a wide area in which they can attack. These units should be put right inside your walls to act as the first line of defense.

Traps – A good defense needs traps that are set up well. Spreading out your traps will make it more likely that enemy troops will set them off. After seeing how troops attack your base, you should be able to figure out where they usually go. Change your traps as needed.

Army Camp, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory, Collectors, Builder’s Huts – All of these buildings do nothing but make it harder for troops to get in. Assuming you regularly get resources from your collectors, you should put these buildings outside your wall to keep troops like barbarians, archers, and wizards from attacking you.

These obstacles can be spaced out from the wall, but they should be in the same defense range. While the attacking troops are distracted by them, your defenses will have more time to kill them.

Walls – Whether you’re farming or looking for trophies, walls are one of your best assets. Walls are your first line of defense, and they can give your other defenses important extra time to stop troops from coming in.

Spread Out Your Storages – Don’t put the same defense right next to another defense. Put them everywhere!

Final Words

Some of the best Clash of Clans players have bad bases so they can steal loot from other low rank players. Some of the best Clash of Clans players will make their bases look bad so that their enemies can get stars quickly. This makes the best players lose trophies and drop in rank. Once they drop in rank, they will look for low-rank players with bad bases that have good loot and attack them.