Why Do TF2 Players Hate Overwatch

Why Do TF2 Players Hate Overwatch? Shocking Reason!

If you are wondering what TF2 is, let me tell you first. TF 2 is short for Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed and published by Valve Corporation. For you guys, you probably already know what Overwatch is. It is a shooting game that was released by Blizzard Entertainment. 

The TF2 community and Overwatch community have some misunderstandings. There is one news article I have read where TF2 players hate Overwatch. For you who have no idea about this, you might be searching for the reason why you landed here on my website. Well, let me tell you the reason why TF2 players hate Overwatch so that your visit here to my site will not be wasted. 

Why do TF2 players hate Overwatch? The reason why TF 2 players hate Overwatch is that Overwatch is too strict when it comes to taunting and trash-talking. In TF2, you will only be kicked in the match and you can still find another match. TF2 is much more forgiving and welcoming than Overwatch. 

Today, I will explain to you the whole reason why TF2 players hate Overwatch, and I will answer various questions related to our subject. Lastly, if you are a TF2 player and want to try Overwatch, you must finish reading by the end because I will give tips for you! 

Real Reason Why TF2 Players Hate Overwatch

Team Fortress 2 has 9 distinct characters. Scout, Pyro, Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Spy, and Sniper. These characters are easy to remember but they are not locked to a single equipment setup. 

On the other hand, Overwatch has 32 heroes and a lot of them have hybridized roles or are locked into a specific role. 

If you look into the casual matches, you will be faced with competitive players and can be kicked from the game for not playing the game and being friendly which TF2 allows. If you play in a casual match, you can be friendly, use different taunts and get along with enemies in TF2. Yes! They can kick you from the game but you can join another match. 

This is the reason why TF2 players hate Overwatch. The Overwatch and its players are too serious when it comes to the game. The community of Overwatch is not that friendly compared to the TF2 community. 

However, I don’t generalize the Overwatch community for being friendly because some Overwatch players are still friendly and love to play the game with their friends or new friends they met in the game. I think the reason why Overwatch players are too competitive is that the game is too hard to play and you have to be serious to win. 

Do Overwatch Players Like TF2? 

Some Overwatch players like to play TF2. The reason why is because for them, TF2 is easy and they can just play without being very serious. TF2 is easier to play compared to Overwatch. Overwatch players like to play TF2 just to have fun. 

Tips For TF2 Players That Will Try Overwatch

If you are a Team Fortress 2 player and want to try to play Overwatch, let me give you some tips first before you start downloading Overwatch. 

First, you must remember that Overwatch has a meta. If you played TF2 in only pubs, you will know that really, almost every character worked. In Overwatch, it does not work like that. Some players who are good at the game have made a team composition. 

Second, you must understand that Overwatch has more objective-based gameplay. In TF2, especially high tower, the game was mostly about shooting others. While in Overwatch, the game is completely based on the objective. 

Third, you must remember the ultimates. In Overwatch, every hero has a special ability called an ultimate. This ability requires you to do damage or heal to charge. When you are charged, you can use a character-specific potentially game-changing ability. 

Final Words

The reason why TF2 players hate Overwatch is that Overwatch is strict when it comes to trolling, and almost all Overwatch players are too serious when playing the game. You cannot play or joke around when playing Overwatch because the players might report, kick, or trash talk to you.