Why Do Roblox Slenders Exist

Why Do Roblox Slenders Exist? The Truth!

There are lots of outfits in Roblox that you can wear. Some cost Robux of course because this is where the developers earn. One of the outfits that is so popular in Roblox is the Slender outfit. However, some ask why Roblox Slenders exist. So, why do Roblox Slenders exist? Let’s find out!

Why do Roblox Slenders exist? No one really knows why Roblox Slenders exist! Most Roblox players believe that it started because many Roblox players copied this kind of style from another Roblox player. There are two Roblox players that Roblox players said started this Slenders fashion which is 3bwx and TheNarrowGate.

What Is Slender In Roblox?

A Slender is a type of avatar that some players have, and they are often compared to the famous Slender Man. They are tall and skinny, just like this made-up supernatural character. Most of the time, they look like men, but sometimes you’ll see a female Slender.

These players use the R15 scaling tools on their avatar. This gives them 15 parts to work with, instead of the usual six, so they can give their avatar this look. They also buy the Robloxian 2.0 Package for 15 Robux because it makes them look thinner, which is emphasized when they use R15.

Personality Of Slender

Although there is no one type of personality that applies to all Slenders, there are a few stereotypes that are frequently connected with them. Some people presume Slenders to be cruel, however this is not always the case.

Others have observed they frequently enjoy troll-ing in games or the online dating lifestyle (also known as an Oder), in which they actively look for companions online.

Style Of Slender

Slenders have their own fashion sense, however it typically consists of a lot of black apparel, long sleeve shirts, and slacks. They also have dark hair, and some go so far as to add a black cap to finish the look.

Given that each participant puts their own touch on this movement, the style has been compared to punk or emo. Many players also like to add wings of some kind to their Slender clothing to make it stand out.

A Slender may have various accessories, such as:

  • Plain black shirt, 
  • Plain black pants 
  • Black spiked hair
  • Stitchface
  • Korblox Products (which are some of the more expensive catalog items)

Who Created Slenders In Roblox?

No one knows for sure. Some people think that a player named “3bwx” made it because he didn’t like the Ro Gangsters trend and wanted to start his own in the game. 

Some people say that the trend started when a user named “TheNarrowGate” gave himself a Slender look and other people tried to copy his style. 

There are also names like “KhandyParker” and “SharkBlox,” but none of these users is known to be the official creator of the Slender trend. So, the truth is that we don’t know who made it.

Are Roblox Slenders Toxic?

There are lots of Roblox players that are toxic. However, some Roblox players point their fingers on Slenders as the most toxic players in Roblox. Is this true? Are Roblox Slenders toxic?

Not all of them! There are some Roblox Slenders that are good and not toxic. But as I can say, there are a bunch of Roblox Slenders that are toxic compared to Roblox Slenders that are not toxic. But again, do not judge the group itself. Instead, judge each person inside the group. 

Let us not put some stereotypes on Slenders in Roblox. Some of them are good and kind. The toxic ones are the ones that make the image of Slenders bad in the eyes of Roblox players.  

Why Are Slenders Hated In Roblox?

The main reason why Slenders are hated in Roblox is because there are lots of Slenders in Roblox that are toxic. However, like I have said above, not all Roblox Slenders are toxic and some of them are kind. Don’t judge the book by its cover my friends! 

Final Words

No one really knows why Roblox Slenders exist! Like I have said, some think a player by the name of “3bwx” started the Slender trend in Roblox because he was upset by the Ro Gangsters movement and wanted to start his own in the game. Others claim that a user by the name of “TheNarrowGate” created a Slender appearance for himself, and that other users imitated his look to start the trend.