Why Do Overwatch Pros Spray

Why Do Overwatch Pros Spray? Shocking Reason!

Overwatch is a good game that you can play on a console and computer. Many people are getting addicted to Overwatch because of its awesome gameplay. I have played the game many times and for me, the game is very exciting and challenging. However, for beginners, Overwatch can be hard. 

The pro players in Overwatch are doing something that simple Overwatch players do not do. One of the things Overwatch pro players do is a spray. Many Overwatch players have been asking the reason why Overwatch pros spray. But today, let me tell you the reason why Overwatch pros spray based on my research and observation.

Why do Overwatch pros spray? The reason why Overwatch pros spray is that they are used to spraying already. Some Overwatch pros spray to mock their opponents. Spraying in Overwatch can be a habit because spraying is easy in Overwatch. That is why you will see Overwatch pros spray constantly. 

Today, you will learn more about spray in Overwatch. In this article, I will teach you how to spray on Overwatch and many more! So, if you are ready, let us move on. 

How To Spray On Overwatch?

Yes! You can spray on Overwatch just like how pro players do. Here is how you can spray on Overwatch. 

First, you have to stand near a surface. Look at the surface you want to put your spray on. You can look at the floor or other surfaces. After that, press the T key if you are using a PC or the up button on the D-pad if you are using PlayStation or Xbox. 

You can check the video below for you to learn how to spray on Overwatch properly. 

What Are Sprays Used For In Overwatch?

The sprays on Overwatch are the ultimate form of expression. Sprays can be used as disrespect to the enemies or the entire team after a team kill. Sprays can also be used as memes. It can also be used to make friends on your team even without speaking. 

Each hero in Overwatch has their own set of sprays that can be bought or unlocked and then there is a whole other subset of sprays that can be equipped by any hero. These sprays are cool and well-made. That is why many Overwatch players love to buy and test different kinds of sprays. 

How To Use Different Sprays In Overwatch?

I know that you want to use different sprays in Overwatch. If you are a beginner in the game, then maybe you have no idea how to use different sprays in Overwatch. Here, let me teach you. 

First, you have to head over to the Hero Gallery from the main menu of the game. Select the hero whose spray you want to change, and then pick a design. Once you have decided, you need to select it and click equip. Easy. Right? Now try different sprays!

Final Verdict 

It is not only pro Overwatch players that are using a spray, even the simple players. Sprays in Overwatch are used to mock the enemy or their whole team, to make fun of something inside the game, or to make friends without talking to the mic. Whatever the reason it is, it is inevitable for an Overwatch player to spray during the game.