Why Do League Players Click So Much

Why Do League Players Click So Much? This Is Why!

If you are watching a pro League of Legends tournament or just a tournament near you, you notice League players click so much. Not just in tournaments, but if you will notice yourself or someone who plays League inside your house. These League players have similarities. They all click so much! But, why do league players click so much? Let us find out!

Why do League players click so much? The reason why League players click so much is because League players have to click on the map to make their champion move. Also, League players click so much because they have to buy items. League of legends is not an FPS game, it’s a MOBA game, which requires users to click to play. 

However, the answer I gave you is just brief. I will explain to you more the reason why League players click so much! Also, I will answer various questions that are always asked on forums that are related to our topic. So if you are ready, let us move on! 

Why Do League Players Click So Much?

I already gave you a brief answer about that at the top. However, for you to understand the reason why league players click so much, let me give you a long answer and explain it to you clearly.

In League of Legends, players must click to move. It is not an FPS game where you can move by clicking arrow keys or WASD. In League, you must point the cursor and click to move. You have to point the cursor where you want your character to move. 

In League of Legends, it is required for you to buy items so that your character will be stronger. There are a lot of items in League of Legends and each champion has their own set of items to buy. 

Also, in League of Legends, you must click and point the cursor to hit the enemy with your skill. However, if you use quick cast mode, you don’t have to click to throw your skill but you must point your cursor to the enemy and click the skill on your keyboard. 

It is required for League players to click so much so that they can move in the game properly. If you are having a hard time clicking so much, the League of Legends is not the right game for you. 

How Do League Pros Click So Fast?

Of course, pros in League of Legends click so fast because they have been used to it already. If you want to enter the pro team in League of Legends, you have to train so hard and go tryouts. For you to be able to pass the tryouts, you must have the skill and persistence. League pro players have been playing for years and for so many hours, which is why they are already used to clicking so much. 

How Many Times Do You Click In League Of Legends?

You cannot count it for sure. League players, the pros and simple players, have been clicking so much while playing League of Legends. You cannot count how many clicks you have made while playing League of Legends because you are busy thinking how to win the game. 

Final Verdict 

To conclude, the reason why League players click so much is because they have to move, buy items, throw their skill, and escape from the enemy. You have to click so much in League of Legends for you to survive inside the game.