Why Do CS:GO Players Hate Valorant

Why Do CS:GO Players Hate Valorant? Surprising Answer!

CS:GO and Valorant are the two most famous FPS games in the world! They are famous because the company that made these two awesome games market the game perfectly. However, there is some conflict that is happening. Some CS:GO players hated Valorant. But why? Here, let me tell you the reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant. 

Why do CS:GO players hate Valorant? The reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant is because they think that Valorant is a nonsense game. They hate the guns, the gameplay, the theme, and agents that have skills. However, even though there are some CS:GO players that hate Valorant, there are some that love playing Valorant. 

Aside from that reason, there are other reasons why CS:GO players hate playing Valorant, which I will tell you later on. Today, we will compare CS:GO and Valorant so that you will be able to understand the difference between the two. So, if you are ready, let us move on! 

Reasons Why CS:GO Players Hate Valorant

I gave you a concise answer above about why CS:GO players hate Valorant so much. However, there are other reasons that we must look upon. So, below are the reasons why CS:GO players hate Valorant.

Gun Problems

The first reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant is because the gun of Valorant is not the same as CS:GO. 

The guns in Valorant have different recoil and style when compared to CS:GO. If CS:GO players play Valorant for the first time, surely they will get pissed off because of the recoil of the guns in Valorant. 

The Graphics

The next reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant is because of the graphics. We all know that CS:GO graphics are not the same as Valorant. 

Riot is good at making their games stylish while making it accessible. Let’s face the truth that not everyone has a good PC. The system requirements of CS:GO are lower when compared to Valorant. You need to have a good computer if you want to play Valorant. 

Also, the graphics of CS:GO are much more mature when compared to Valorant. CS:GO players think that the graphics of Valorant are for a kid. When you compare the graphics of the two, you will notice that the graphics of CS:GO are much more mature than Valorant. 

The Skills

In CS:GO you play as the random soldier dude. In Valorant, the characters have different personalities and skills, which are called Agents. This is what CS:GO players hate. 

For me, I have no problem with this. But with CS:GO players, they have. They hate the fact that these Agents have skills that will help the players to kill efficiently. CS:GO players are not used to this kind of game because in CS:GO, all you have is flashbang, smoke, grenade, and molotov. 

Network Problems

The last reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant is because of network problems. I can agree with this one since I get inconsistent ping as a result of the game trying to connect to different servers that are considered closest to me. 

However, Riot listens to their consumers. They fix every problem that Valorant players are facing. Map issues, bugs, network problems, FPS problems have been fixed already. 

Is Valorant Harder Than CS:GO?

If we compare the two games, which of the two is hardest, it is hard to answer for real! 

These two awesome computer games have become popular and mainstream! So, it means that these two games have been played by many players around the world. In fact, almost all who play Valorant are from CS:GO. Some don’t choose to switch, they just try Valorant. 

We all have different kinds of skills. Some are good in CS:GO while some are good in Valorant. If you are good at CS:GO, you are probably good at Valorant. However, at first, you will have a hard time adjusting to Valorant. 

Do Valorant Players Hate CS:GO Too?

There is no issue regarding that. Only CS:GO players are the ones who hate Valorant. Valorant players don’t hate CS:GO because why would they hate that game? They came from that game. 

Final Verdict

To conclude, CS:GO players don’t hate Valorant players. CS:GO players hate the game. The reason why CS:GO players hate Valorant is because the gun of Valorant is different from CS:GO, the graphics seem for kids, and their characters have different skills or abilities.