Why Did My Bookshelves Disappear In Minecraft

Why Did My Bookshelves Disappear In Minecraft? Shocking Reason!

We all love Minecraft! Some of us experienced some weird things happening in our Minecraft world sometimes. One of the weird things is bookshelves disappearing. So, why do bookshelves disappear in Minecraft? Let’s find that out!

Why did my bookshelves disappear in Minecraft? The reason why your bookshelves disappear in Minecraft is because you might have forgotten to save the game. The other reason why your bookshelves disappear in Minecraft is because of bugs, which normally happens to most games. 

Why Did My Bookshelves Disappear In Minecraft?

There are two reasons why your bookshelves disappear in Minecraft:

  • First, you forgot to save the game
  • Second, an in-game bug, which normally happens to games

How To Make Bookshelves In Minecraft? 

In Minecraft, there are three ways to get bookshelves:

  • Crafting: For this method, you will need books and wood planks. Paper and leather can be used to make books, while logs are used to make wood planks.
  • Exploration: When exploring, you can find bookshelves in villages and strongholds.
  • Trading: Villagers who are librarians will trade you bookshelves for emeralds.

In Minecraft, making bookshelves is the simplest option, albeit the process can be laborious owing to the necessary materials. Three books and six wood planks are required for the Minecraft Bookshelf recipe. Three pieces of paper and one piece of leather are required to create one book. Paper is made in sets of three and requires three sugarcane to produce.

The supplies you’ll require to construct a single bookshelf are listed below, along with those you’ll need if you’re beginning from scratch.

  • Books x3 (Sugarcane x9, Leather x3)
  • Planks x6 (Log x2)

How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

  • First, open up the interface for the crafting table.
  • Second, put three wood planks on the top row, three books in the middle row, and three wood planks on the bottom row.
  • Third, move the bookshelf from the making interface to your inventory.

How To Find Bookshelves In Minecraft?

If you want to max out your crafting table, you need a lot of bookshelves, which means you need a lot of sugarcane and leather to make paper and bind it together. If you’re lucky, you might find some bookshelves when you’re out exploring.

Here are the places in Minecraft where you can find bookshelves:

  • Village libraries
  • Village houses
  • Strongholds

How To Trade For Bookshelves In Minecraft?

Villages in Minecraft are full of NPC villagers who will trade with you. Based on what they do for a living, each villager trades different things. For example, a librarian will trade bookshelves. You can also just mine and take their bookshelves if they have a library, since stealing from a villager won’t get you in trouble.

  1. Locate a village
  2. Locate a librarian villager
  3. Trade with the villager
  4. Once you find a librarian that offers bookshelves, execute the trade

Do Bookshelves Always Drop 3 Books Minecraft?

When a non-Silk Touch item breaks a bookshelf, it now drops three books. Now, you need them to enchant with higher levels and make better items. To reach the highest level of enchantment, you need 30 bookshelves.

The reason why bookshelves drop books in Minecraft is because it is broken. Bookshelves can be broken using hands but can easily be broken using an ax. 

Does Having More Than 15 Bookshelves Do Anything?

The level of the enchantment table can’t go too high. Since version 1.3, adding more than 15 shelves doesn’t change anything, so there’s no reason to build this whole structure. You can reach the highest level of enchanting, which is 30, with just 15 bookshelves in any of the valid positions.

How Many Books Do You Need For 15 Bookshelves Minecraft?

You now know how to make beautiful bookshelves. To get to enchantment level 30, you need to build 15 bookshelves around the enchantment table. You need 45 books and 90 wooden planks to make 15 bookcases. Wooden planks are easy to find, but the only place to get paper for making books is from sugarcane.

It takes three stalks of sugarcane to make one sheet of paper. So, to make 45 books, you’ll need 405 pounds of sugarcane. Sugar cane can only be grown near water. So it lives along the coast but not near bodies of water that are frozen.

Final Words

To conclude, if your bookshelves disappear in Minecraft, it could be because you forgot to save the game. The other reason why your bookshelves disappear in Minecraft is bugs, which happen in most games.