Why Did Joel Kill Abby's Father

Why Did Joel Kill Abby’s Father? The Truth!

We all know the scene in the game The Last of Us where Joel kills Abby’s father. But what is the reason for this? Why did Joel kill Abby’s father? Let’s find out!

Why did Joel kill Abby’s father? The reason why Joel kills Abby’s father is because Joel is trying to rescue Ellie. One of the physicians is Abby’s father. Joel needs to kill Abby’s father to prevent Abby’s father killing Ellie and helping fireflies to kill him. 

Why Did Joel Kill Abby’s Father?

The main reason why Joel kills Abby’s father is because the group of Abby’s father is trying to kill Ellie to create a vaccine. However, Joel decided to save Ellie and he killed lots of doctors and fireflies. One of them is Abby’s father. He was killed by Joel when he came to save Ellie. 

At that time, Abby’s father is the person in the Fireflies who wants to keep Ellie and study her the most. If Joel hadn’t killed him, he would have helped the Fireflies stop Joel from getting away. Joel would have been caught again, and he would have been killed for sure this time. 

Ellie would die, and perhaps a vaccine would be made. But it doesn’t look like the Fireflies are able to make a lot of things, since they keep losing to the City Military and there aren’t many of them left. 

There might only be enough for a few doses. Abby’s dad would definitely save some for himself, and he might also give some to Abby and Marlene. Congrats, they are now immune to the disease like Ellie! Doesn’t really matter, because the City Military will still try to find them. 

Their best chance is to run away to spore-filled caves, but they are not immune to Infected creatures, so Bloaters may turn them into food. Or, since so little research has been done, the immunity they got from Ellie’s vaccine might not work, and they might all get sick anyway.

Why Did Abby Kill Joel In The Last Of Us 2?

Yes, it might be surprising, but you won’t see Joel in later parts of The Last of Us. Abby kills Joel with a hockey stick because she is so angry. Before you start to feel sad about the death of such an important character, we’ll tell you what happened and why. 

At first, a lot of people were curious about who killed Joel and who Abby is. She is a strong character in the The Last of Us game series. In the game, she is one of the few people left who are trying to find a cure for what has happened to everyone.

In the game, we see Joel talking to one of his friends about how he felt when he saved Ellie from doctors who wanted to do surgery that would have killed her. He said that in order to save the “FireFly,” which is Ellie, he had to kill all the doctors and soldiers. This is important because it shows how much Joel cares about Ellie, whom he has been trying to protect for a long time.

What Did Joel Do To Abby In The Last Of Us 2?

He killed a lot of people while trying to save Ellie from doctors and scientists who were operating to find a cure for a virus that was killing everyone. No “FireFly” has ever lived through this surgery, and Ellie had to die so that a cure could be made. Jerry, who is also Abby’s father, was in charge of the team of Doctors. 

Abby told her dad that what he is doing is right and that if she were Ellie, she would be happy to die for the cause. Jerry was going to do the surgery without feeling guilty after hearing this, but Joel comes to save Ellie. In order to save Abby, Joel shoots and kills her father. This is the main reason why Abby hates Joel, and she killed him to get revenge for her father’s death. In The Last of Us 2, Ellie is going to get even for Joel’s death.

Final Words

To conclude, the reason why Joel kills Abby’s father is because Joel is trying to rescue Ellie from being killed by the Fireflies. If Joel does not kill Abby’s father, Abby’s father will help Fireflies to kill Joel. Abby’s Father is one of the physicians that wants to sacrifice Ellie for a vaccine.