Why Did Ellie Get So Skinny

Why Did Ellie Get So Skinny? the Truth!

In the game The Last Of Us, we have seen players with different weights. In part 1 of the game, we notice that Ellie looks very healthy but when the game goes on until part 2 of the game, Ellie seems to be so skinny. Why is this? Why did Ellie get so skinny? Let’s find out the reason!

Why did Ellie get so skinny? The reason why Ellie got so skinny is because of the stress and trauma she experienced caused by the outbreak and scenarios she witnessed. Ellie developed a PTSD after watching Joel’s death and this worsened her physical and emotional turmoil Ellie experiences. 

Did Ellie Get Skinnier As The Game Goes On?

Some people think that Ellie did not get skinnier as the game went on. But for me, I noticed some slight changes from the body of Ellie as I finished part 1 and 2 of the game. 

Surviving in an outbreak is not that easy. It requires lots of your carbohydrates for your energy to run, walk, and fight. Aside from that, food and water are not always available because everyone is hoarding and there are less people who create food. 

If you noticed Ellie gets skinnier as the game goes on, then you notice it right! Because of the outbreak, Ellie got stressed out a lot, which caused her weight to drastically change! 

There are lots of things that happened to Ellie, which gives her trauma and stress. The death of Joel is one of the biggest reasons why Ellie becomes very traumatized and stressful. She developed PTSD after watching Joel’s death!

Aside from the trauma and stress, Ellie gets so skinny because she does not sleep right or eat the right amount of food in a day. She said that to Dina before she leaves for Santa Barbara. 

Final Words

The reason why Ellie got so skinny is because she experienced lots of trauma that affects her body. Aside from that, Ellie does not eat or sleep properly, which is pretty normal if you are in an outbreak full of undead trying to eat you alive.