Why Are Valorant Players So Weird

Why Are Valorant Players So Weird?

Valorant has lots of players with different personalities. Some are easily angered, some are chill, and some are annoying. However, even though Valorant players have different personalities, some people think that there is one personality type Valorant players possess. They possess weirdness! That is why they ask why Valorant players are so weird. So, why are Valorant players so weird?

Why are Valorant players so weird? Some people might find Valorant players so weird because they don’t possess the humor some Valorant players have. Valorant players are humorous gamers and some of them have different types of humor. You might find some Valorant players weird because you don’t have their kind of humor and you might creep out. 

Why Are Valorant Players So Weird?

Some people think that Valorant players are weird because of the things that Valorant players do inside the game that is new to them. However, if you have the same personality or humor as the certain Valorant player have, you will not find it weird. 

Each gamer may look weird to you if they don’t match their personality with you. In my opinion, I find some Valorant players weird and some are not. If my humor and a certain Valorant player’s  humor match, we are good. 

Why Are Valorant Players Toxic?

Developers and players always have a lot to say about Valorant’s toxicity. This article will talk about what causes toxicity, where it comes from, and how Riot handles it.

Toxicity is a broad term that gamers use quite often. It usually refers to a person who has negative feelings about something that happened in the game and uses voice chat or text chat to talk about it. It’s rare for a player not to complain about toxicity and tiltness, and it’s hard for developers to fix the problem.

When we play games every day, toxicity usually comes out in the form of insults that are very harsh and could hurt your feelings. People also act in a toxic way when they do things on purpose to hurt their teammates. 

They might do this by using abilities to hurt them, not taking the game seriously, or just staying AFK and not playing at all. Valorant’s mute button and report system are good, which is a good thing about this problem, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Below are the reasons why Valorant players are toxic:

Doubting Female Players

Compared to a lot of other games, the number of women who play Valorant is pretty good. Even though most, if not all, of the best players are men, women can also do pretty well at games. 

People think that the reason there aren’t many women in the pro scene is because they aren’t good at the games, but the real reason is that there aren’t many of them. Games aren’t old enough yet for mixed-gender tournaments, which is why this is such a touchy subject.

When a female gamer opens her mic or just has a girly name, she often has to deal with negativity. This is very common and embarrassing for the gaming community as a whole. 

We’ve all seen and played games where sexist insults are hurled at women right away, no matter how they play. We don’t think this is just a Valorant problem because it’s a problem in gaming in general, but it’s a big problem in our favorite game.


Another problem that comes up in games like Valorant that are competitive. Every popular game has smurfing and boosting because there will almost always be people who want and need these services. This creates a market that will draw people from both sides.

It can be very frustrating to play against a player who is much better than you or anyone else in your skill range. As soon as you realize that your enemy or even your ally is a smurf, you can guess how the game will end, which will make you play much less and enjoy it much less.

Instalocking Agents

People have talked about whether or not this problem is toxic, but when it does happen, it does cause tension in the game. We won’t go into much detail because we’re working on a separate article that will explain what instalocking is and whether or not it’s dangerous. Since this is a popular topic right now, we will list it as one of the reasons why Valorant is dangerous for now.

To put it simply, instalocking means choosing a certain agent as soon as the game begins. This causes toxic eruptions because choosing an agent immediately stops the others from choosing. For example, a Sage main will be very upset if he can’t choose his Agent.


Fans of football will understand this problem well, because having an ego is a very bad thing to have as a person and hurts everyone around them. Ego in Valorant showed up in a lot of different ways. 

When a person’s ego is hurt and he has to prove himself by insulting or not playing the game, this usually leads to toxicity. Valorant is a very fun, but also competitive, game. Someone with a big ego won’t be able to handle a bad game very well, which will ruin the game for everyone else.

We’ve talked about toxicity, how it happens, and what it means in the gaming world. The point of this article was to explain if Valorant was toxic or not. NO is a pretty simple answer. The game itself is a lot of fun, and it was made very carefully so that it only brings players happiness and satisfaction. Toxic behavior only comes from some of the game’s players, and it usually has something to do with the past.

The people who play Valorant come from a lot of different games. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and League of Legends are the most popular ones. These are not new games, and we could say that they may have been the start of this problem. You can only guess what will happen when you put all of this together.

Riot’s reporting system usually works well, and those who are toxic in the game get punished quickly. Always remember to report anyone who does something bad in the game, as that is the only way to get rid of them and make the player base less and less bad over time. To get you going, we’ll give you a picture of what happens to toxic players who can’t control their emotions.

Final Words

Some people might think Valorant players are weird because they don’t have the same sense of humor as some Valorant players. Valorous players are funny gamers, and some of them are funny in different ways. If you don’t understand their sense of humor, you might find some Valorant players strange.