Why Are League Players So Toxic

Why Are League Players So Toxic? And How To Avoid Them?

League of Legends is a MOBA game that has lots of players around the world. These players have different personalities. Some of them are toxic and some of them are not and just play for fun and to win. In every game, there will be a toxic player that will demand or blame you even though they are the ones who are making mistakes.

I have played League of Legends for over 400 hours and I can testify that it is true that there are lots of toxic players inside that game. To be honest with you guys, I was one of them before when I was still naive and a kid. But when times pass, I realize that being toxic does not help my teammates. So, what is the reason why League players are so toxic? Let’s find out!

Why are League players so toxic? The main reason why League players are so toxic is that League of Legends is hard and somehow can be a frustrating game. There are lots of things you need to do to win in League of Legends, which can be frustrating for some League players. That is why they act toxic if they see that they are losing. 

However, there are lots of reasons why League players are so toxic, not just that one I gave you above. There are lots of things that make League players toxic, which we will break down later on. So, if you are ready to know the reasons why League players are so toxic, let’s get it going!

Reasons Why League Players So Toxic

Below are the different reasons why League players are so toxic.

The Game Is Hard

The first reason why League players are so toxic is that the game is hard to play, which can be frustrating. 

If you are a jungler in the game, you will be pissed off if the enemy’s jungler always steals your buffs. If you are top, mid, or bot laner and the enemy always kills you or you don’t have enough CS, you can be pissed off too. 

League of Legends can be a hard game, especially for those who played MOBA games for the first time. However, you can learn the game if you are willing to. 

There Are Bad League Players

The next reason why League players are so toxic is because of bad or naive League players. 

There are lots of League players around the world and some of them are not just born to play the game. League players that are good at playing the game know what a bad player is. They become frustrated and toxic if they have a bad player on their team. This usually happens every time in rank games.

They Want Other Players To Follow Them

The last reason why League players are so toxic is because they want other players from their team to follow their commands. 

I have been this type of League player before because I don’t want to lose the game and lose LP. It is very frustrating grinding the game and then suddenly losing because the other player didn’t follow your lead.

But even though this was me before, I suggest you not become this type of League player. Say it nice to your teammate if your teammate made a mistake. Do not shout or say dirty words to your teammate because it will piss them off too and might sell the game.

Is League of Legends Players Toxic?

Not all League of Legends Players are toxic but some of them are. Do not be like these toxic League players who shout and curse all the time in a game. Just play the game chill. If you have a hot head playing the game, you have a higher chance of losing.

What Should You Do If You Encounter A Toxic League Player?

So let us say that while you are playing a ranked game in League of Legends and suddenly you have a toxic teammate, what should you do? This is what you should do. 

If you encounter a toxic League of Legends player, then you should just stay quiet and play the game. However, don’t be so egocentric too. If you think you do bad things that make your team at the tip of the edge, admit it and play better. 

I know that toxic players can be a pain in the ass, especially if the toxic player is so loud. Just listen and play better. Don’t go with the flow of the toxic player because you might get tilted. 


So, the main reason why League of Legends players are so toxic is that the game is hard. I know that League of Legends is a hard game, especially if you are of a high rank. However, don’t be so toxic even if you are losing or if your teammate is not doing well in the game, it might get you tilted, which will make your chance of winning low.