Why Are Battle Royale Games So Hard

Why Are Battle Royale Games So Hard? This Is Why!

Battle Royale games are very popular in today’s gaming world. Lots of people are hooked into this kind of game. Some find it easy to play, while some find it hard. But what is the reason why Battle Royale games are so hard? Let’s find out!

Why are Battle Royale games so hard? The reason why Battle Royale games are so hard is because the game needs lots of focus and time to build up your game sense. There are lots of players in a Battle Royale game, which gives you a higher chance of losing. However, performing the right strategy will give you higher chances of winning. 

If Battle Royale games seem so hard for you, don’t worry because I will be giving some tips on how you can be good at Battle Royale games. So, keep reading!

Why Are Battle Royale Games So Hard?

The very first reason why Battle Royale games are so hard is because there are lots of people inside the game, which means you have a higher chance of getting killed. Also, since there are lots of people inside the map, the loot might be limited, which means you might not get a chance to get a gun early on. 

The second reason why Battle Royale games are so hard is because you have not mastered the game yet. Everything needs consistency so that you can be good at it. You need to put enough time to understand the game and build a game sense. 

The third reason why Battle Royale games are so hard is because you don’t have the right strategies. Maybe you are just dropping anywhere where you think there is lots of loot. Dropping into the right location on the map gives you a huge advantage. 

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest Battle Royale games that you can play. These Battle Royale games are considered easier compared to other Battle Royale games. 

What Is The Easiest Battle Royale Game?

Apex Legends

Players will tell you that Apex Legends is probably the best battle royale game out there right now. Apex is a great place to start if you want to play a battle royale. It gets new content every season, has a competitive scene that keeps growing year after year, and has enough charm and personality to set it apart from the other games on this list.

All of its characters are fun to play as, and all of their weapons are good. The game’s new ping system makes it easier to play with friends or strangers, even without a mic. Crossplay is also possible on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, among other platforms. What could you want more of?

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

Battle royale games like Totally Accurate Battlegrounds are meant to make you and your friends laugh and roll around on the floor. Which is a nice change from most games in this genre, which tend to be more about making you stressed out. It’s the worst battle royale game out of all of them.

It’s impossible to aim. You can put a sniper scope on a minigun. Rounds move quickly and are full of silly things. If you want something less serious, you should check out Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. But remember that it’s a game that’s best played with friends.


Fortnite is still one of the best Battle Royale games, but it has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a fight to the death with 100 players. Fortnite is more than just a battle royale. It has virtual concerts, in-game events, and enough cosmetics to keep you broke for the next seven years.

Fortnite has so many different ways to play that it seems like the best place to start. You can jump right into the chaos of a full-on battle royale, where people build forts above you in 15 seconds flat, or you can play one of the casual game modes to take it a bit easier.

Realm Royale

Not that interested in building bases and worrying about supplies? No worries! Realm Royale takes the genre in a completely different direction and has bright, easy-to-look-at graphics. This battle royale takes place in the fantasy world even more deeply. Providing unique magical abilities and mounts to players. Many people don’t want to play Fortnite because it can be hard to build. Realm Royale gets rid of the building, but the fighting is still the same.

There are, of course, some things that are only in Realm Royale. The ability to get up after being knocked down is an important trait. Players will turn into chickens, and if they can stay alive for 20 seconds, they will be reborn. This makes the game much easier to play for people who are new to it. Even if there aren’t enough people to play, bots can take their place. Which also makes the stakes a little less high. Overall, Realm Royale is a great place to start playing battle royale.

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale jumped out of early access in 2021, and both fans of the genre and people who had never played it before loved it right away. Super Animal Royale is a casual game that is based on the old browser-based battle royale games. It will still get your heart racing, though.

Super Animal Royale is like Animal Crossing, but all the animals are hungry for blood all the time. Okay, it is nothing like Animal Crossing… It’s a top-down battle royale with lots of weapons, vehicles, and upgrades, like a hamster ball that crushes enemies when you roll over them. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to battle royale games and want to get used to the excitement. Oh, and we forgot to mention that it’s free.

How Can I Get Better At Battle Royale Games?

One hundred people can join, but only up to four can win. This has always been the rule in Battle Royale games since they first came out. It’s an unforgiving type of video game that always puts you to the test. 

To stay alive, you have to always be on guard and make good decisions. Even though many people only play Battle Royale games for fun, they eventually want to start winning games instead of quitting early. If you want to win more Battle Royale games, this article will teach you some great tips.

Use Your Ears

In Battle Royale games, hearing is the most important sense, whether you are on an open field or in a skyscraper. The reason for this is that if you and an enemy both see each other at the same time, you both have the same chance of winning the firefight. 

But if you listen carefully and hear the enemy coming, you have time to pre-aim at them, which greatly increases your chances of winning the firefight. Also, make sure you play Battle Royale games with headphones and stereo sound, so you can always pinpoint exactly where your enemies are. In the same way, be aware of the noise you make when you move, because it could alert enemies to your presence.

Use Vehicles Sparingly

Adding to the last tip, you should only use vehicles when you have to. Even though they are a great way to move quickly around the map with your team, they all make loud, unique noises that will let everyone know you are there. So, you should only use vehicles when you have no other choice, like when you need to get away from enemies quickly or when you are far outside the circle.

Choose Your Battles Properly

Think about how you died most of the time. You might have been able to avoid them if you hadn’t fired the first shot. Many times, when a player sees an enemy, they start shooting right away instead of looking around the playing field. 

Many times, the player is surprised to find that an enemy is just around the corner and would have shown himself if the player had waited a few seconds. So, if you want to start a firefight, you should always be aware of your surroundings. 

Before you fire the first shot, you should ask yourself, “How many enemies are there?” “Do I have the right gear to win?” and “Do I have a way out if things go wrong?”

Keep Looting And Don’t Stop Moving

Many players, especially those who are new to the genre, find a safe spot and stay there the whole game, thinking that the other players will kill each other and they will only have to kill one enemy or one team. 

Even though this may be a good way to get to the top 10, it will be hard to win the match. Why is camping bad for your chances of winning a match? Because it means you can only use the tools you find in the one place you’re holding. 

At the same time, the rest of the competitors get the best loot by searching multiple locations or killing enemies with good gear. In Battle Royale games, you should always be on the move and looking for better gear, as this will greatly improve your chances of winning.

Don’t Rush In The Circle

People tend to get scared when they see that the safe zone is getting smaller and they are not in the new circle. This makes them run straight to the safe zone, where enemies are waiting to kill them. 

No matter how far away you are from the safe zone, it would help if you were always aware of your surroundings and moved slowly toward the safe zone while watching for enemies. 

Also, keep an eye on what’s going on behind you at all times, because there may be other people trying to get away from the danger just like you. Try not to spend too much time fighting fires when you are outside the circle.

Don’t Drop Into Hot Zones

Early firefights can be fun and give you a rush of adrenaline, but if you want to win, you should never drop right into hot zones unless you have what it takes to kill everyone around you. 

Instead, try to figure out where the plane is going and drop in places you don’t think many people will choose. This will give you time to get your gear together in safety. Of course, dropping into hot zones is the best way to improve your firefighting skills if you don’t care about winning matches.

Take A Break Sometime

The last piece of advice on this list isn’t about the game itself, but about how you think. People often lose a match, get angry, and keep playing instead of taking a break to calm down. The anger makes them lose another game, which starts a cycle in which they never win and never have any fun. 

It’s important to remember that you’re playing a game, and games are meant to be fun, unless you’re a game streamer and this is your job. You probably play the game when you have nothing else to do, so why would you keep wasting your free time on something that bothers you? 

Step away from the gaming device or choose another game, preferably something easy and relaxing, and come back to the Battle Royale genre after taking a break.

Final Words

Battle Royale games are so hard because they require a lot of focus and time to build up your game sense. A Battle Royale game has a large number of players, increasing your chances of losing. However, following the correct strategy will increase your chances of winning. You have to put enough time to master the game.