What Are The First Things To Do In Hogwarts Legacy

What Are The First Things To Do In Hogwarts Legacy?

Fans of Harry Potter have been teasing and waiting for years, but now they can finally play the game they’ve been asking for. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can live out your fantasy dreams of being a witch or wizard while solving a new mystery and keeping up with your classes and other school activities. Here are five things in Hogwarts Legacy that you should do first.

Revelio Everything

In Hogwarts Legacy, Revelio is one of the first spells you’ll learn, and it’s also one of the most important. This is your “detective” spell, and it lets you point out interesting things in your immediate area.

Once you get the Field Guide, you can start collecting Field Guide Pages all over the world. These give you experience and let you level up. Revelio can help you find pages close by and show you chests and other things you can interact with.

Talk to Every Characters In The Game

Even while it would seem odd to advocate talking to everyone you encounter in an open-world game like Hogwarts, you should make an effort as soon as you are there. Not every student will have something fascinating to say, but some of them will introduce you to new side missions to complete, and these will frequently result in useful rewards that will be beneficial to you in the future.

Keep a look out for NPCs with dots above their heads as you navigate the various classrooms and dungeons; engage them in conversation to see what happens.

Unlock Floo Flames

You’ll have to walk everywhere at first in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a fantastic opportunity to find as many Floo Flames as you can, which act as fast travel spots and let you move about more quickly.

When you use the Revelio spell or are nearby, the Floo Flames will appear on your screen as a fire symbol. To activate them, all you have to do is approach them closely. When they turn green, you can use them as fast travel points on the map.

Play The Main Story Until You Get Your Broom

We advise playing through Hogwarts Legacy’s main tale until you ultimately acquire the broomstick if you’re impatient and want to be able to get about more quickly. You merely need to finish a few lessons and go to Hogsmeade once to finish this. In other words, just rush through the yellow main plot goal marks, and you’ll get your broomstick in no time.

You can now access new locations and uncover even more secrets in Hogwarts Legacy, which really opens up a whole new level of discovery for you.

Sell All Inferior Gear For Money

Finally, just like in any other role-playing game, always remember to pack up your belongings while not in use. Early on, the game does a decent job of rewarding you with a ton of gear, but before long, your inventory will start to overflow with weaker stuff that you no longer need.

When you get to Hogsmeade after finishing the main plot, you’ll locate your first vendor at the potion shop. From this point, feel free to earn some additional cash by selling all of your used equipment. Keep them in your inventory at all times, and only remove them if it’s absolutely necessary to make space.

Final Words

So that’s it! Those are the first things that you must do in Hogwarts Legacy. Make sure to do them all! Goodbye and enjoy playing Hogwarts Legacy!