Killjoy Turret Guide

Killjoy’s Turret: Best Guide So Far!

Are you a Killjoy main? If yes, then this article is for you! I love using Killjoy in Valorant and there are lots of things that I have researched so that my abilities will be effective. One of the useful abilities Killjoy has is her turret. 

In this article, I will share with you different information about the turret of Killjoy in Valorant. Once you accumulate the information, hopefully, you can use the turret of Killjoy effectively. 

How Do Killjoy Turret Work?

Killjoy’s turret is an ability in the game Valorant that can be used to defend an area or to gather information. When activated, the turret is a small robotic device that is placed on the ground and automatically shoots at any enemy that comes within its range. Here is how the turret works:

  1. Activation: To activate the turret, Killjoy needs to use her ability button for the turret and place it on the ground. Once placed, the turret will automatically activate and start scanning for enemies within its range.
  2. Detection: When an enemy enters the range of the turret, it will begin firing at them, dealing damage until the enemy leaves the turret’s range or the turret is destroyed.
  3. Targeting: The turret is capable of targeting and shooting at multiple enemies at once, making it a great tool for holding down an area and providing cover for Killjoy and her team.
  4. Limited Mobility: The turret has a limited range of movement and cannot follow enemies that move out of its range. Additionally, it can be destroyed by enemies, which will deactivate it until Killjoy places another one.

Overall, the turret is a useful tool for Killjoy to defend an area or gather information about enemy movements. It can also be used in combination with other abilities, such as her Nanoswarm and Alarm Bot, to create a more comprehensive defense strategy.

Can Killjoy Turret Headshot?

In the game Valorant, Killjoy’s Turret can deal headshot damage to enemy players if it hits their head. The Turret has a high rate of fire and can be an effective tool for holding down an area, but it is vulnerable to being destroyed by the enemy team.

However, even though the turret of Killjoy can headshot, the percentage of Killjoy’s turret to headshot an enemy is low. The headshot percentage Killjoy’s turret can do is around 16% only. 

Can Killjoy Turret See Through Smoke?

In the game Valorant, Killjoy’s Turret can’t see through smoke. The smoke blocks the Turret’s view, just like it blocks a player’s view. But the Turret can still see enemies in its range and shoot at them, even if they are hidden by smoke. The Turret’s alarm bot can also be used to find enemies through smoke and let the player know about them.

Does Killjoy Turret Have Range?

In the game “Valorant,” Killjoy’s Turret does have a limited range. The turret’s maximum range is 9 meters (30 feet) from where it is placed, and it will target any enemy within that range automatically. If an enemy is too far away for the turret to see or target, it will not. The turret’s range is also limited by walls and other solid objects, which can block its line of sight and keep it from seeing enemies.

How Much Damage Does Killjoy Turret Do?

Killjoy’s Turret shoots at a rate of about 6 bullets per second and does 8 damage per bullet. This means that if all of the turret’s shots hit the same target, it can do up to 48 damage per second. But the turret’s damage goes down at longer ranges, so if the enemy is far away, it may do less damage overall. 

Also, enemy skills like Sage’s Barrier Orb or Reyna’s Leer can reduce or cancel out the damage done by the turret. Overall, Killjoy’s Turret is a useful tool for denying an area and gathering information, but it isn’t very strong on its own. It’s usually used with other skills and weapons to get kills.

How Do You Effectively Use Killjoy Turret?

Here are some suggestions for using Killjoy’s Turret. I will also show you how to make good use of it.

  1. Place the Turret in unexpected places. The Turret is a great way to surprise your enemies, so try putting it in places they are less likely to check. For example, you can hide it behind a box or around a corner where it’s hard to see until it starts shooting.
  1. Use the Turret to block off areas: The Turret can be used to block off areas so that enemies have to take longer routes or risk being shot at by your team. Try putting it in places where enemies can’t get through or near goals to keep them away.
  1. Combine the Turret with other abilities: The Turret can be a great way to set up combos with other abilities. For example, you can use Killjoy’s Alarm Bot to force enemies out of cover and into the Turret’s line of sight.
  1. Keep in mind that the Turret has a limited range of 9 meters, so be careful about where you put it to make sure it can cover the area you want it to. Also, try not to put it in places where enemies can easily kill it from far away.
  1. Keep an eye on the health of the Turret. Enemies can destroy the Turret, so keep an eye on its health and be ready to replace it if you need to. You can also use Killjoy’s Nanoswarm to fix Turrets that are broken or make them harder to destroy.

How Do You Rotate Killjoy Turret?

The turret on Killjoy can turn 180 degrees so it can shoot in different directions. To turn the turret, you can aim at it and press the alternate fire button at the same time. Here’s how to turn the turret on Killjoy:

  1. Place the turret: Press the ability button to put the turret where you want it on the ground.
  2. Aim at the turret: Point your crosshair at the turret by looking at it.
  3. Hold the alternate fire button: While aiming at the turret, hold down the alternate fire button (the right mouse button by default) to control the turret.
  4. To turn the turret, move your crosshair to the left or right while in control mode. This will turn the turret in that direction. The turret can turn up to 180 degrees.
  5. Exit control mode: Once the turret is in the right place, let go of the alternate fire button to leave control mode and go back to your normal view.

Killjoy is open to enemy fire while the turret is being turned, so make sure to pick a safe spot and be aware of your surroundings. Also, the turret can only move in certain ways and can’t turn more than 180 degrees, so be careful where you put it before you turn it.

How Much HP Does Killjoy Turret Have?

The turret on Killjoy has 125 HP. This means that enemy fire can hurt it up to 125 points before it is destroyed. Both enemy players and their abilities, like bullets, grenades, and other explosives, can destroy the turret. Once the turret is destroyed, Killjoy will have to wait a short time before putting up another one.


Can Killjoy Turret Kill?

Yes, Killjoy’s Turret can kill enemies. Even though the Turret doesn’t do a lot of damage, if it hits, especially when the enemy is caught off guard or distracted, it can still do a lot of damage. The Turret can also be used to weaken enemies before attacking them with other weapons or skills, or to finish off enemies with low health who are trying to run away.

Keep in mind, though, that the Turret has a limited range and can be destroyed by enemies. To get the most out of it, you should use it strategically and in combination with other tools and strategies. Also, the Turret can’t make up for bad aim and positioning, so it’s also important to get better at these things if you want to do well in Valorant.

Does Killjoy Turret Work After She Dies?

In the game Valorant, Killjoy’s turret doesn’t work after she dies. The turret is one of Killjoy’s abilities. She can put it on the ground, and any enemy that gets close to it will be shot automatically. But the turret is part of Killjoy’s gear and can only work when she is there and has control over it. When she dies, the turret turns off and can’t be used again until Killjoy comes back to life.

How Can You Recall The Turret Of Kj?

In the game Valorant, you can use Killjoy’s “Recall” skill to bring back her turret. With this ability, Killjoy can call any active turret or Alarm Bot back to her. To use Recall, press and hold the ability key for the device you want to bring back (in this case, the turret). The device will be destroyed and brought back to where Killjoy is right now.

It’s important to remember that Recall has a 13-second cooldown. This means that after you recall a device, you won’t be able to use it again for 13 seconds. Also, Recall might not work if the device is being used or is in the middle of doing something until the action is done or the device is destroyed.


So that’s it! That’s the whole information that you need to know about the turret of Killjoy. Now that you know it, I hope that you will create the best strategy so that the turret of Killjoy will be effective in the game.