Is Yasuo Stronger Than Yone

Is Yasuo Stronger Than Yone? Shocking Answer!

Yasuo and Yone are two champions in League of Legends that are used by many people. Aside from the reason that they are cool, the other reason why many League players are drawn into these two characters is because of their skills! 

Both Yasuo and Yone have amazing features and skills. Aside from that, they also have awesome skins, which is worth the penny. However, who is stronger? Is it true that Yasuo is stronger than Yone? Well, let’s find out!

According to my research and analysis, Yasuo is not stronger than Yone! I take into account every factor that affects the answer. Yone is stronger than Yasuo because of the win rate it has compared to Yasuo and the reason for this is because of the skill set of Yone. The skillset of Yone is very useful for teamfights, while the skills of Yasuo is most likely for ISO plays.

Before you curse me for saying that Yone is stronger than Yasuo, finish the article first. I will explain to you why Yasuo is not stronger than Yone in detail. So, if you are ready to find out the reason, let’s get it going! 

Who Would Win, Yasuo Or Yone?

Below are the factors that I was talking about above. Let’s take a look at each of them so that you can understand why Yasuo is not stronger than Yone. Let’s go! 


Yasuo and Yone have both amazing skill sets. Let me explain to you each skills these two characters have. Let’s start with Yasuo:

Yasuo skills:

  • Way of the wanderer: This is the passive of Yasuo. When Yasuo travels or walks, the bar below his health increases. When this increases, the critical chance of Yasuo increases and builds a shield that triggers when he takes damage from a champion or monster.
  • Steel tempest: This skill damages enemies in a line. On hit, grants a stack of Gathering Storm for a few seconds. At 2 stacks, Steel Tempest fires a whirlwind that knocks up enemies. 
  • Wind wall: Wind wall creates a moving wall that blocks all enemies projectiles for 4 seconds. 
  • Sweeping blade: This skill allows Yasuo to dash through the target enemy, which deals magic damage. It cannot be recast on the same enemy for a few seconds. 
  • Last breath: Yasuo blinks to an airborne enemy champion that deals physical damage and holds all airborne enemies in the area in the air. 

Yone Skills: 

  • Way of the hunter: Yone uses two blades, which cause every second to attack to deal more magic damage. The critical chance is also doubled, but his critical strikes reduced damage. 
  • Mortal steel: Yone thrusts forward that deals physical damage to opponents. On hit, Yone gains a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, Yone can dash forward with a wave that makes enemies airborne. 
  • Spirit cleave: Yone cleaves forward in a massive arc, dealing a portion of the target’s maximum health. After successfully hitting an enemy, Yone gains a temporary shield. 
  • Soul unbound: Yone can enter his spirit form, which gives him more movement speed and leaves his body behind. When it expires, Yone will snap back into his body and deal  a percentage of all the damage he dealt while in spirit form. 
  • Fate sealed: Yone strikes all enemies in his path! He blinks behind the last enemy hit and knocks everyone airborne towards him. 

Now that we all know the skill set of Yasuo and Yone, we must conclude that the skill set of Yone is much more powerful and useful compared to Yasuo. 

The skills of Yone are very useful in late game, especially if Yone has full-build. Yasuo, on the other hand, is usually useful only in early games. But still, it depends on the user of the champion. 

However, by looking at the skills of the two champions, it is true that the skills of Yone are much more powerful compared to Yasuo. 

Easier To Play

Next is easier to play. Personally, Yone is much easier to play compared to Yasuo. Aside from my personal experience, many League players also say that Yone is much easier to learn to play and use compared to Yasuo. 

As you can see on the skill set of the two champions above, all you need to do when using Yone is to aim your mouse pointer properly on your targeted enemy and press the skill. You don’t have to wait for the enemy to get airborne before using your ultimate skill like the ultimate of Yasuo. 

You need some time to practice timing the ultimate of Yasuo because you cannot cast it if no enemy is airborne. On the other hand, the ultimate of Yone can be cast anytime! 

Also, the third skill of Yone is a cheat code! Whenever you feel like you will die or lose in a clash or one-on-one fight, you can cast the third skill again so that Yone will come back from his body. 

Also, the third skill of Yasuo is the one that makes Yasuo hard to play! You should be able to think fast so that you will know where to dash, whether it’s on a minion or enemy champion. You cannot dash into the same minion, monster, or enemy champion for some seconds after you dash into it.  

Team Fights

Next is team fights. Who do you think is better in team fights? Yasuo or Yone? Yes! Yone! Let me tell you why!

The ultimate of Yone and his other skills are good for team fights. His ultimate is very useful to set up a clash. On the other hand, Yasuo is somehow good in team fights but his skills are mostly for ISO plays.

You just have to make sure that you are timing your ultimate when using Yone so that your team has a better chance to hit and skill shot the enemies. 

For the ultimate of Yasuo, the enemies must be airborne. If you have no Malphite or any other champion that can airborne enemies, it can be hard for Yasuo to use his ultimate. 

The chances of Yasuo hitting his first skill to airborne all the enemies is low compared to the chances of Yone hitting all the enemies with his ultimate. So, better team player is Yone. 


For laning, I would say Yasuo. Since Yasuo is a great ISO champ, Yasuo can control his lane easily compared to Yone. 

Yasuo is fast because of his third skill. He can poke any champion easily using his skills. Yasuo can get a creep score compared to Yone in the early game. 

If Yasuo and Yone are in the middle lane, for example, Yasuo has an advantage in the early game. However, once Yone builds his first and second item, the chances of Yasuo winning a one-on-one battle against Yone becomes lower. 

Late Game And Scaling

The winner here is Yone! Like I have said above, Yasuo is only good during early games. When Yone get his full build, Yasuo has no match against Yone. 

This is the reason why most Yasuo mains finish the game immediately once they get two or three items. Yasuo is like an ADR! He can get killed easier during late game. 

Also, during late game, Yone is much more helpful than Yasuo in team fights. Again, like I have said above, the skills of Yone is for team fights while the skills of Yasuo is usually for ISO plays. 

Win Rate

When you search all over the internet who has a better win rate, I guarantee you will see Yone!

The reason why the win rate of Yone is higher compared to Yasuo is because of the skills of Yone. Again, the skills of Yone is very helpful in team fights compared to the skills of Yasuo.

You can’t win in League of Legends all by yourself! You need to find a good way to set up the enemies so that your team has a good chance of winning in clash fights.

Final Words

To conclude, Yasuo is not stronger than Yone. Yes! Yasuo has some advantages in the early game against Yone. But once Yone roams and gets some gold, Yasuo becomes useless. 

Yone is better in team fights and in late game compared to Yasuo. Also, the skills of Yone are much more useful compared to Yasuo. When you compare them with full builds, Yone is the winner! It is crystal clear! Yone is the winner whether it’s a one-on-one fight or team fight.