Is Vayne Hard To Play

Is Vayne Hard To Play? (League Of Legends Guide)

Vayne is one of the most amazing ADC in League of Legends. If you know how to use Vayne properly, then you will be one of the most useful players in your team. However, some League players, especially beginners, ask if Vayne is hard to play. This question will be answered today!

Is Vayne hard to play? Vayne is somehow hard to play, especially for beginners. The reason why is because of the skills of Vayne. For those who don’t know the offensive capability and how powerful Vayne is in late game would say Vayne is useless. But even though Vayne is kinda hard to play compared to other League of Legends champions, it is not impossible to master using her. 

In this article, I will be telling you the skills of Vayne and how you can play Vayne like a pro! So, if you want Vayne to be your best pick everytime you play League, keep reading this article!

Why Is Vayne Hard To Play?

The main reason why Vayne is hard to play is because of her skillset. Vayne is not that extraordinary or she does not have magical skills like other champions in League of Legends. You must know different things first and master it for you to be able to play Vayne properly. 

Also, the other reason why Vayne is hard to play is because her armor is very low! She is an ADC. Not a tank, which is why. 

However, when you master Vayne, it will be easier for you to play Vayne and you will be the most useful player in your team. 

Most beginners or League players that haven’t tried playing Vayne yet think that Vayne is useless because of her skillset. I was just laughing at these League players when I heard this kind of comment. They don’t know what they are talking about! Vayne is deadly! Especially late game!

Is Vayne A Good Champion?

Vayne has always been one of the most played ADCs, both in low and high elo. This is because Vayne is very interactive and has a lot of potential for outplays. Even though she is a “late game” champion, her scaling is very good and she is one of, if not the best carry champion in the game.

Even though the meta is always changing with each patch, Vayne is always a good pick. Even so, she is not a champion that is easy to pick up. To master the champion, you must have very fast reactions and great micromechanics. If you get caught by crowd control in a late-game team fight, you may die instantly.

Vayne Skill/Abilities

Passive: Night Hunter

While moving towards or chasing a visible enemy champion (within 2000 range), her movement speed will be sped up by a pretty good amount. Normal use of the passive increases movement speed by 30. When her ultimate, “Final Hour,” is active, this boost goes up to 90.

With the help of her passive, Vayne is essentially given tier one boots whenever she fights and cleans up. This gives her a lot of chasing potential. Along with ‘Final Hour,’ Vayne is very mobile in team fights. 

This lets her avoid a wide range of skill shots and stay out of harm’s way. Even though it might seem dangerous, Vayne can dodge to the side of an enemy champion because he gets a speed boost later.


Vayne has pretty simple skills, but the key to his full potential is how he uses them. When Q is cast, Vayne will fall a short way in the direction of your cursor. Also, once she finishes her tumble, the next auto attack will deal more physical damage (within 7 seconds). 

The cost of using this ability is very low, and it can be used over and over again as more harassment during the laning phase. Once her base cooldown of 2 seconds is at its maximum, it gives her even more mobility and kiting potential in team fights.

Vayne’s best kiting move is Tumble, which he uses to avoid skill shots and chase down enemies to finish fights. But Tumble won’t stop working until she uses her auto-attack buff, which stops people from using it while running away.

Note that once Vayne casts Tumble, she can still crit with her auto attacks, but the extra AD damage from her Q is not multiplied.

Silver Bolts

Every automatic weapon will add a stack of silver bolts that will last for 3.5 seconds. Once three stacks are triggered on an enemy minion, jungle monster, or champion, the target will take additional damage based on its maximum health. 

Even though the amount of damage depends on how healthy the target is, there are minimum true damage values to make sure she does enough damage to weaker champions early in the game.

Vayne can completely destroy tanks in the late game with her silver bolts because her ability is the perfect counter to both high health and armor. Since the amount of damage depends on how much health you have left, tanks take the most damage. 

On top of that, Silver Bolts deal true damage, which means that not only is the damage high, but it also goes all the way through a target’s armor.


When Vayne casts E, he sends a quick-moving bolt in the direction of a target. This skill can hit and push back jungle monsters, enemy minions, and enemy champions. If they get knocked back against any terrain, like the Anivia wall or the Trundle pillar, they will take extra damage and be stunned for a minimum of 1.5 seconds.

If Vayne uses Tumble along with Condemn, she can move around and has a better chance of sending her opponent into the wall when she uses Condemn. Condemn is a defense against ganks and assassins, so don’t use it to bother people. But if you have the river warded or can see the jungler, you can use E to trigger the last stack of Silver Bolts for more harassment (Combo: Auto, Q + Auto, E).

When you use Condemn on a target, a single stack of Silver bolts will be put on that target.

Final Hour

The main thing about Vayne that makes her one of the best scaling champions in the game is her ability. The difference between a good Vayne player and a monster Vayne player is how they use the ability.

When she uses her ultimate, “Final Hour,” she gets extra damage on all of her auto attacks, which is strong on its own. The best part of her ultimate is that when Q is cast, Vayne can become invisible for one second. 

Note that Q has a very short cooldown, which lets Vayne remain invisible for a long time during fights. With the final hour, good Vayne players can use a mix of aggressive and safe Q moves to kite their opponents, which makes their damage last longer in big fights. 

You all know that an ADC will do crazy amounts of damage if they can stay alive for a long time and avoid initial burst damage and crowd control.

How To Play Vayne Properly?

Stall The Game

Vayne is a late-game champion, which was said at the beginning, so let’s start with that. Vayne is a late-game champion, which means that the longer the game goes on, the stronger she gets.

Because a full build Vayne does an insane amount of damage, and when her teammates are at full health, it takes longer for them to die. 

This gives her more “peel” to keep her from being targeted or burst without warning. The main reason she’s “late-game” is because her Q has a very short cooldown. This makes it hard to kill her while she’s doing damage with Final Hour.

Kite Back

If you just roll back into your support or other tanks, it’s hard for the enemy to kill you. If an assassin jumps on you, just press R+Q and run away quickly. While you are invisible, the assassin should be killed.

If he doesn’t die, you can send him away from you, back, or to the side if you think he or she is dangerous. Most of the time, teams with a Vayne won’t do much more damage. You will be the main source of damage. If micromechanics are done right, you won’t get grey screened if you survive the first attempts to kill you.

Always Wait For Engage

If you’ve seen a lot of gosu’s Vayne montages, it might be tempting to date Vayne, but DON’T FALL FOR IT! You shouldn’t fight very often as Vayne, since her auto-attack range isn’t very far and you’d usually have to fall forward. When you start out, tumbling aggressively makes you very vulnerable. Without his Q, Vayne can’t move around very well to get away.

Once you’re in, it’s hard to get out because you can’t roll and the only way to get a speed boost is to walk toward the danger. Most of the time, this means that Vayne players get hooked, especially if they can’t see in the jungle and think it’s a free pick.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Vayne is indeed a hard League champion to play. However, with proper practice and understanding of her skillset, you will be deadly inside the game.