Is Valorant Easier Than CS:GO

Is Valorant Easier Than CS:GO?

Valorant and CS:GO are two shooting games that are loved by gamers. Before Valorant, CS:GO is the one that people get addicted to. But when Valorant was published, things changed. Now, gamers that have played both of these games are comparing the two games. 

They compare which is easier and majority of them say that Valorant is easier than CS:GO but still, there are some that say that CS:GO is easier. So, is Valorant easier than CS:GO or the other way around?

Is Valorant easier than CS:GO? It really depends on your gaming skill. For some, Valorant is easier than CS:GO while for some, it is the other way around. However, lots of gamers have stated that Valorant is easier than CS:GO. In fact, before Valorant was released, many are saying that Valorant would be easier than CS:GO. 

Is Valorant More Easier Than CS:GO?

The gaming community as a whole agrees that VALORANT and CSGO have a lot in common, like how rounds are set up, the maps they use, and the strategies they use. However, gamers can’t agree on which game is harder.

When VALORANT came out, people said right away that it was easier than CSGO. At the time, people thought that CSGO’s simplicity compared to VALORANT’s colorful cast of ability-using agents meant that it relied more on raw mechanical skills.

People also thought that CSGO’s maps were a lot more complicated. When VALORANT first came out, first-person shooter (FPS) players criticized the map designers for making maps that were so simple and straightforward that they seemed to force players to use only a few strategies. On the other hand, CSGO’s maps have been praised for years for being complicated and tight, with fewer entry points and more ways to get around.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, a veteran CS:GO player who now streams on VALORANT, has become one of the most outspoken and respected gamers on the subject. Shroud can be good at any shooter he plays, and he knows a lot about both games.

He started by saying that it was clear that CSGO was harder than VALORANT, which was a view shared by other pros. Why? The rules of CSGO are just harder. Mastering the controls and aiming in CSGO takes a lot more practice, which is why the pros are often seen as the best when it comes to speed and accuracy.

Shroud said that both games are “hard in their own way” after playing them for a year.

“On a tactical level, CS:GO is crazy. On a tactical level, [VALORANT] is also pretty crazy, but in a different way. Each is hard in its own way. When it comes to map control, the strategy in [VALORANT] is similar to CS, but the way you take map control is very different, and map control is never a given in [VALORANT], shroud said during a stream in September 2021.

But in the summer of 2022, Shroud changed his mind again. At this point, Shroud had been signed to Sentinels, a top VALORANT team, even though he had said he was done playing games professionally and supposedly hated playing with pros.

“This game makes CS look like a joke, I’m telling you. There’s no way around it. Shroud said, “The game is just hard.”

Even though Shroud has changed his mind so much, the FPS community has supported his new point of view. Even though CS:GO may be the best game in terms of how it works, VALORANT has a lot more depth and a lot more to learn.

The Impact Of Abilities Of Valorant Agents

This is because each agent has their own skills. This gives you a lot more options for how to make your team and how to play, as well as how to counter your opponent’s lineup and how to play against it. There are a lot more things to keep in mind. To make strategies and combos with the agents’ skills, you also need to be able to talk to them well. As more agents come out, there is a lot more need to change.

In the end, it’s not fair to compare VALORANT and CSGO. Even though both games are played in a similar way, they are very different. It’s like putting Roblox and Minecraft side by side. Comparing Dota 2 and League of Legends would be like that. The games are just… not the same.

This is also true when you watch CSGO and VALORANT. The games are very different in how they are played, and there are many different speeds and strategies. It’s up to you whether or not you want to play a certain game.

Final Verdict

Some people think Valorant is easier than CS:GO, while others think the opposite. Many players, though, say that Valorant is easier than CS:GO. Many people said that Valorant would be easier than CS:GO even before it came out.

It is not fair to compare these two games on who is easier to play. If you grind and put some time into mastering both of these games, these two games will be a lot easier for you to play. I know many people that are Global Elite and Radiant, which seems that they are born to play these kinds of games.