Is The Witcher 3 Worth Playing

Is The Witcher 3 Worth Playing? 7 Reasons Why It’s Still Worth Playing!

Witcher 3 is a good game that has very astounding graphics. That is why many gamers, including me, enjoyed playing Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 came into existence, which made gamers go wild. This game is the most complete game ever made. It has a perfect story, entertaining quests, amazing gameplay, and awesome graphics.

This is the reason why this game won so many games of the year awards. However, there is one question gamers ask and that is if Witcher 3 is still worth playing. Most of the time, new gamers are the ones who are asking this question and those who haven’t tried Witcher 3 yet. Well, let me answer your question. 

Is the Witcher 3 worth playing? Despite the age of Witcher 3, it is still worth playing. It is one of the greatest games I have ever played! The reason why Witcher 3 is still worth playing is because of its awesome story, gameplay, dialogue, and graphics. It feels like you are watching a movie when you play Witcher 3. 

Aside from that reason, there are tons of other reasons why Witcher 3 is still worth playing, which we will discuss in today’s article. I will list down the seven reasons why Witcher 3 is still worth playing. So, if you are ready, let us move on!

Lore Runs Deep

The thing most people love about Witcher 3, including me, is that you can explore more than just land. You can explore the whole history of the game. Just like Skyrim, Witcher 3 has good lore and history, which is very exciting. Every single character you talk to in Witcher 3 has some sort of detail about the world. 

This is because the game is inspired by 6 fantasy novels and 15 short stories written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowkski. There are lots of stories in Witcher 3 that you should uncover. You will become curious about each character inside Witcher 3. 

The Game Story Is Awesome

The next reason why Witcher 3 is worth playing is that the story is very very interesting and awesome. The plot is the one that makes this game shine like a diamond. You will play as Geralt, who is working to retrace the steps of Ciri by visiting various leads and battling monsters along the journey. Also, each quest is exciting, which makes the game more interesting. 

The contents of the plot itself are the reason the storyline of Witcher 3 is good. Every conversation offers perfectly timed over-the-shoulder shots that make you feel like you are watching a movie and interacting with the characters. 

Combat Is Challenging

One of the aspects of Geralt as the main character is that he always gets into lots of fights with different kinds of monsters. As a wanderer, this is normal. It means that you have to do a lot of fighting. You can choose to lower or higher the difficulty of the game. Keeping it at a higher difficulty is challenging and fun. 

However, if you choose to increase the difficulty of the game, you will die a lot in combat. The monsters that you will face can be extremely powerful and seem impossible to surpass. It is also easy to be killed by lower-level creatures if the difficulty you chose is high. 

It’s Available On Any Platform

The next reason why Witcher 3 is worth playing is that it is available on any platform. If you have a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, you can play Witcher 3. Also, you can play Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch. 

If you really love Witcher 3 and are patient at the same time, you can also wait for the release of the remastered Witcher 3, which will arrive in 2022. This will make the graphics and ray-tracing good which will make your eyes go crazy. 

It Is Still Popular

The next reason why Witcher 3 is still worth playing is that Witcher 3 is still a popular game. The reason why is because of Netflix’s series. Because of this show, Witcher 3 became more popular. 

Probably you have watched this awesome Netflix series but haven’t played the game yet. If this is you, you are missing a lot! Yes! It is good to watch the series. However, playing the game itself will give you a better understanding of how things work in the world of Witcher. 

Best Open World Game

I got lost in Witcher 3 because the map is very large. This game is an open-world game, which you can explore anywhere on the map. 

Witcher 3 has the best open-world game ever! The visuals and background music simply make riding around in this world calming. Even if you don’t like slaying monsters or have already played all the missions and gathered all the loot, you must install Witcher 3 just to roam around. 

There Is No Other Game Like This

The last reason why Witcher 3 is still worth playing is that there is no other game like this one! Skyrim, maybe. But the open world of Witcher 3 is better compared to Skyrim and the story as well. So, it just simply means that Witcher 3 is worth trying!

Final Words

Witcher 3 is still worth playing. In fact, many gamers are still playing this amazing game. The reason why is because the graphics, story, and gameplay cannot be compared to other computer games. The Witcher 3 is a unique open-world game that you must try!