Is Teemo Support Good

Is Teemo Support Good? Yes Or No?

Teemo is actually a top laner. However, since League of Legends is evolving, Teemo is used as a jungler, support, and even ADR! There are League players that use Teemo as support. Is it good? Is Teemo support good? We’ll see!

Is Teemo support good? If you know where to put the ultimate Teemo and know when to use the blind skill of Teemo, Teemo can be a good support to use. The skillset of Teemo is for poking. It will irritate the bot lane and will prevent ADR from farming a lot of minions in early game. 

How To Play Teemo Support?

Teemo is paired in the bottom lane with an ADC (Attack Damage, Carry) champion like Ashe, Caitlyn, Graves, Varus, etc. when he is in a support role. Your job is to protect your DPS lane partner so they can focus on killing minions with their last hit (farming). You can also use his Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart to annoy enemies, reducing their income and giving your team a small advantage early on.

I usually keep my itemization pretty standard, but if you’re playing a support role, you should change your first few items before moving on to my standard build. First, get one to three Eye Shields and some Health Potions. 

Next, you should try to finish a Philosopher’s Stone and a Heart of Gold to make a steady income. Once you have a steady source of income, start working on an on-hit build. First, focus on items that help you stay alive, like the Frozen Mallet. Then, build the other items as the enemy and your gold allow. Just remember to keep helping the team by putting wards in key places on the map.

Laning Phase 

Protecting and helping your AD Carry during the laning period should be your top priority. This entails using your Poison Shot and Blinding Dart to “poke” and harass the other champions, as well as setting up wards when necessary in two key areas: the river and one of the two bushes in the lane. 

You might think about installing wards in the brush immediately outside of your jungle, but you should already have your level 5 ultimate, Noxious Trap, and can easily use a mushroom there instead of using a valuable ward there. Use a ping or chat to organize a gank with the jungler or your laning partner and set them up for the kill if you’ve been poking effectively or are being pushed up against your own turret. 

DON’T try to deliver the fatal blow! To develop stronger items more rapidly, you want your ADC to profit from the kill. With your GP5 gear, the meager gold reward you’ll get for your assistance will be more than enough.

My ability order is Move Fast, Toxic Shot, Blinding Dart, maxing Toxic Shot first, followed by Move Quick, and Blinding Dart, just like DPS Teemo. Maximize your Noxious Trap whenever possible (levels 6, 11 and 16). Move Quickly is my first choice since it gives you the best chance of surviving early on when everyone else is moving more slowly than you. Boots increase your chance of survival, but as Support Teemo, you should stay in the cover of the bushes and take no chances.

If you’ve received one or more assists, head back to base to purchase a Philosopher’s Stone and Heart of Gold. In order to avoid being caught by a Blitzcrank, Alistar, Lux, or Leona, whose stuns can all be fatal, you might choose to use Boots (350 gold) instead of your Heart of Gold.

Depending on the make-up of the opposition team, I advise either Mercury’s Treads (1100 gold) or Berserker’s Greaves (1000 gold) for boots. Mercury’s Treads are the ideal choice if your opponents have a lot of AP (Ability Power) and CC (Crowd Control—movement-impairing abilities like stuns, slows, knockbacks, etc.); otherwise, Berserker’s Greaves will work best for you.


Pick up a Phage to get started toward your Frozen Mallet as you approach midgame from levels 8 to 14. Phage gives you the health you need to survive, some armor, and—most importantly—a 30% chance to delay on impact, which positions your ADC for much easier kills.

Don’t be afraid to briefly leave your lane to assist in a kill in the jungle or in mid. Depending on the make-up of the opponent team, I work toward either a Malady or Wit’s End once you’ve received one or two assists or had the opportunity to farm minions while your ADC is buying.

Wit’s End provides some magic resist to assist you defend against any AP champions that may be beating you (MR). Malady increases the AP damage from Poison Shot, Blinding Dart, and Noxious Trap while decreasing the target champion’s MR.

Keeping an eye on Dragon to receive the health 190 gold boost for you and your friends as you continue to work with your squad to knock down a couple towers Pick up a few extra wards to help your team keep an eye on things in the jungle if you’re playing against an aggressive Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, Hecarim, Fiddlesticks, Graves, Gragas, Tryndamere, or any other champion who can regularly pass through walls.


When you get closer to max level, you need to catch up to your teammates in terms of gold accumulated, enabling you to finish several of your key equipment. Many Teemo players take advantage of this chance to push lanes, but you’re a support; stick near to your friends, place mushrooms in busy areas to aid enemy champions become visible, slow foes pursuing your allies, or even gain assists and kills from careless enemies. 

You can navigate the map fast with the use of Move Quick and the Teleport Summoner Ability. Look for opportunities to get quick kills in the jungle with your squad by keeping an eye on your minimap. Spreading your shrooms around will increase your mobility because you can teleport to them from anywhere on the map.

Maintain a ward at Baron Nashor at all times and continue to ward important jungle intersections as the game continues. Moreover, rapidly assess the builds of your opponents and identify those that represent the greatest danger. 

This is typically an adversary AD or AP champion with strong DPS, but it might also be a tank with Thornmail or a number of debilitating abilities (Leona, Alistar, etc.) that you want to avoid until the majority of other adversaries have been vanquished.

Always check your build to make sure it’s appropriate for the squad you’re about to face. Bring your team together and develop a plan, deciding who you will each “focus” on or target first in the battle. Normally, your squad will want to concentrate on enemies in descending order of DPS, but there are times when it is advantageous to split your attention between several threats.

General Notes

I understand that it is difficult to gather a squad of unrelated teammates to coordinate an attack of this caliber because each game is so unpredictable, but the better you are at it, the better your chances are. 

In team battles, pay close attention to how each member of your team communicates and moves about. Adjust your tactics to be more defensive if you have a hesitant player or team, fighting in open areas and behind towers for easy visibility of all champions in a fight. You may set up ambushes in the jungle to take them out one by one if your colleagues are more daring and skilled.

League of Legends is a game I can play repeatedly because of its versatility. Nothing about a game is ever the same. In an effort to identify the best champion and build for their play style, players are continuously adjusting their Mastery Pages, Rune Pages, Build Orders, etc. I simply recently shared mine with you. Even though it, too, will probably evolve a little over time, think of this as a beginner’s tutorial to DPS Teemo from a seasoned player. Start with this and make it your own DPS Teemo Build by tweaking it.


Teemo can be a good support if you know where to put the ultimate Teemo and when to use the blind skill of Teemo. Teemo’s set of skills is to poke. It will annoy the bot lane and make it hard for ADR to farm a lot of minions early in the game. In late game, Teemo is also useful because the ultimate of Teemo deals lots of damage if Teemo has complete items. Teemo is a good support in League of Legends and in Wild Rift.