Is Shadow Fight 3 Offline Or Online

Is Shadow Fight 3 Offline Or Online? 

Everyone is asking if they can play Shadow Fight 3 offline. They ask if Shadow Fight 3 is an offline or online game. So, what is Shadow Fight 3? Is it an offline or online game? Let’s find out!

Shadow Fight 3 is both an offline and online game, which means you can play it with or without an internet connection. However, you can only play Adventure and Quest mode and not Duels if you have no internet connection. 

Is Shadow Fight 3 An Offline Game?

You can play Shadow Fight 3 offline, thus the answer is yes. Here, it’s probable that you’ll require an internet connection to download fresh stages or chapters.

One more item to be aware of, you must finish the in-game tutorial in the game while connected to the internet in order to play Shadow Fight 3 offline. After that, you can play this game uninterruptedly offline.

How Can You Play Shadow Fight 3 Offline?

Well, there is a simple trick you can use if you want to play Shadow Fight 3 without an internet connection. It can also help you get your daily rewards the next day if you don’t have an internet connection. 

If you’ve already played Shadow Fight 3 with the internet, when you try to play it again without the internet, the game will open without giving you an error message. Now you can get your daily rewards, go to the map, training, inventory, etc., but you can’t go to any part of the game that needs the internet because it will just show you an error message. 

To get rid of the error message, just click OK. You can now play any main quest, side quest, or survival mode as many times as you want, as long as you keep losing. If you win, you’ll get an error message after the fight is over, and you’ll need to play the game again with internet access to do this trick again. 

Note that if you won a game without internet access, closed it, and then opened it again with internet access, the game would take longer to load and you would see a message that said “game data update,” but don’t worry—your game would work fine after a few minutes/seconds (depending on your phone).

Final Verdict

To conclude, you can play Shadow Fight 3 offline. However, there are some game modes that are not available when playing Shadow Fight 3 offline.