Is Shaco Support Good?

Is Shaco Support Good? The Truth!

Shaco is one of the well-known jungler in League of Legends. Most League players use Shaco if they are going to be the jungler in a game. However, what about support? You might be seeing some League players using Shaco as support. But, is Shaco support good? 

Is Shaco support good? In some cases, Shaco support is good. The reason why Shaco support is good is because of the skills Shaco has. Shaco can poke the enemy’s ADR and prevent it from farming. In some cases, Shaco support is not good, especially if the enemy knows how to counter Shaco. 

Is Shaco Support Good?

Any bot lane can be ruled by an experienced Support Shaco player. Smart placement of boxes can stop the enemy bot lane from farming and give you a good chance of getting kills. Unlike other supports, 

Shaco stays safe from ganks because the lanes are guarded by boxes. Also, if the build has a lot of AP, Shaco will be able to one-shot the weakest members of the enemy team, leaving them helpless. And finally, it’s not as much of a troll-pick as you might think, but it’s a lot of fun to play!

Ok. I’ll give you that, you’re not wrong. But not being able to do something doesn’t always mean it’s a bad choice. Supporting Shaco is not a meta choice, because Shaco is always thought of as a jungle killer. But a lot of what he has can be used in a support role. By taking advantage of the benefits of this pick, you can really help your team win the game.

Well, that point can’t be proven for sure. At the end of the day, everyone who plays support has their own style and habits. Even though Shaco can’t directly protect or heal his team, he plays in a way that makes life hard for the enemies. 

By being so annoying, he takes away a lot of attention from his teammates and becomes a “phantom target,” which gives your teammates good chances to punish the other team for making bad decisions or to make plays elsewhere.

Support Shaco Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of using Shaco as support. Let’s check them out!


  • Because of the boxes, the laning phase was very strong.
  • “The cheese start” is an easy way to get first blood.
  • Utilises boxes as a vital CC source
  • Stops the opponent’s ADC from farming.
  • Because of the protective boxes, jungle ganks can’t happen.
  • Later in the game, he can make picks like a regular assassin.
  • A strange but good pick that can throw off your enemies or make them think you’re not as good as you are.


  • Only works well if your ADC can kill quickly when chances come up.
  • With a hard engage, bot lanes can find you (e.g Alistar combo, Ashe ult)
  • Could tilt your ADC if you roam too far away or accidentally take kills
  • As a support pick, it’s missing some basics, like heals and shields that can help your ADC.

Is Shaco Support Hard?

To be honest, it depends. Shaco support might be hard for League of Legends players that are inexperienced using Shaco as support. 

However, for League of Legends players that are using Shaco as support multiple times, I think that playing Shaco as support is not that hard for them. 

But keep in mind that there might be some players that might counter your support Shaco and this can be challenging even if you are an experienced support Shaco player. 

Final Words

Some of the time, Shaco support is a good thing. Shaco support is good because he has a lot of useful skills. Shaco can poke the ADR of the enemy to stop it from farming. Shaco support isn’t always good, especially if the enemy knows how to counter this champion.