Is PUBG Losing Popularity

Is PUBG Losing Popularity? Yes Or No?

PUBG is the first battle royale game that was ever produced. The game was made by Brendan Greene. During the first release of the game, there are lots of players that have tried this awesome battle royale game. I have tried this game too and for me, the game is very addictive and challenging. 

However, since there are lots of other battle royale games that emerge, PUBG had a lot of competitions. Many PUBG players have switched to other battle royale games, which is why there are lots of people that are asking if PUBG is losing its popularity. Is it really losing its popularity? Well, let’s find out. 

Is PUBG losing popularity? If it’s PUBG mobile, well I think the game is fading because of other games that have been produced like COD mobile. PUBG PC is also fading I think and the reason why is because of the same reason why PUBG mobile is fading. There are lots of competitions already, which is why it’s fading. 

PUBG is a good battle royale game. I can’t deny that because I have played that game too and I got addicted, both on mobile and PC. The developer of the game made the game very well, which is not the reason why it’s declining. Also, it’s not because of bad marketing because they marketed the game very well. It’s all about competition. 

Is PUBG Declining?

PUBG has not been declining. It’s only struggling. During the first release of this battle royale game, PUBG had millions of players worldwide. But when 2020 entered, the number of players was decreasing. Up until the present. The reason why this is happening is because of competition. There are lots of other battle royale games that are rising like Fortnite. 

Is PUBG Still Growing?

The popular and first battle royale game PUBG recently changed their minds of making the game free to play. That switch is a good choice and I will tell you the reason why!

Since that change, PUBG saw a 486% increase in new players in the week after their switch to free to play on Steam. Because of this, PUBG is starting to grow again. This is a good decision from the developers. However, this is a bad news for those who spend their money to play this game. 

How About PUBG Mobile? Is It Still Famous?

PUBG gained popularity when they started to put their game on mobile phones. However, it struggled to compete in the United States of America because of Fortnite. However, in Asian countries, PUBG mobile is still famous and played by thousands of players. The countries in Asia that played PUBG mobile the most are the Philippines, China, and South Korea.

How Many People Still Play PUBG?

According to PUBG sales, they have 70 million players for consoles and PC for the year 2020. However, PUBG recorded a download of 730 million downloads in the same year. It was declining before but since they made the game free to play, the number of players are starting to increase again. 

Final Verdict

The number of PUBG players is decreasing. But because they made the game free to play on PC, the number of players are starting to increase again. PUBG mobile is not declining yet because there are still lots of mobile users that play PUBG. However, PUBG mobile is not number one in the Play Store already. COD mobile is the top 1 right now.