Is Enlisted Still Popular

Is Enlisted Still Popular? (2023)

Playing war games is very amazing, especially if the war game is very realistic where it feels like you are inside of the war. One of the amazing war games developed is Enlisted. However, some people ask if Enlisted is still popular. So, is Enlisted still popular? Let’s find out!

Is Enlisted still popular? Yes! Enlisted is still popular. There are still lots of active players playing and enjoying the game. There are lots of updates that will come soon. I think that Enlisted will become more interesting and still popular in the coming years as long as the developers update the game and add some new tweaks to every major update. 

Is Enlisted Still Popular?

Yes! Enlisted is still popular since there are lots of active players and lots of new players. I, myself, love playing this amazing war game. The graphics are amazing and it feels like you are participating in the World War. 

I don’t think Enlisted will die sooner since there are lots of updates that are coming. As long as the developers take care of this game and add new interesting features every major updates, the game will still be a thing in the years to come. 

Is Enlisted Worth Playing?


Enlisted was designed from the start to not be limited by 8th-generation hardware. As a result, it is one of the few FPS games that can support full 4k/120 FPS this early in the 9th generation.

But now that Enlisted is out for PS4 and Xbox One, I’m worried that the developers will have to take shortcuts when making future content to avoid overburdening 8th generation consoles, which are already being pushed to their limits to keep a stable 30FPS.


DarkFlow Studio has put a lot of effort into making sure that every weapon, building, vehicle, and uniform is as real as possible. When I’m walking around the huge maps, I’m often surprised by how detailed even small things are.

The developers are clearly proud of their work, and they should be. It’s not easy to make maps of this size that support bullet penetration physics and environments that can be destroyed, and it’s even harder to do that while making sure the map works well and looks good.

Character Customization

Players can choose different soldiers to fill their units, but at the moment, that doesn’t include female soldiers. The developers have said that female units are coming, but they will only be available in factions and units that have had female soldiers in the past. This means that almost all female soldiers will be in the USSR, which had over 500,000 women join the Red Army, with many of them fighting.

Fun To Play

Enlisted could be the start of a whole new sub-genre that combines elements of party-based roleplay and squad management into a first-person shooter with the scope of a mil-sim.

We don’t usually get to pick individual soldiers from our units and change their loadouts. This is more common in single-player roleplaying games, so it’s nice to see it in a different genre, especially one as fast-paced and social as an MMO FPS.

Players can attack objectives alone or with other players in a coordinated attack if they are in charge of a squad of soldiers. The extra bodies on the field make battles interesting and ultimately rewarding.

Unlike more traditional shooters, camping is actively encouraged; a well-structured defense is finally as important as a strong offense.

In one of my first matches, my team was pushed back to our last objective and it looked like we were going to lose the battle. We had fought long and hard to defend each of our previous objectives, using buildings and terrain to slow down the enemy, but we fought the hardest here at our last line of defense.

When players ran out of bullets, they used their knives to fight.

We took weapons from both friends and enemies who had died.

Before we finally got the objective, we were almost pushed out three times.

It was immersive, interesting, rewarding, and, to be honest, the best big battle I’ve ever been in.

Because of how unique it is, Enlisted will be around well into the 9th generation and, hopefully, beyond.

8th Gen Release

Enlisted started out as a 9th-generation-only game, but in October 2021, it came out for 8th-generation consoles as well.

I’m glad that 8th-generation console owners can now bring their skills, friends, and experience to Enlisted, but I can’t help but wonder how fun it will be for them or others who play with them if 8th-generation consoles are limited to 30FPS and 9th-generation consoles are limited to 4k/120FPS.

Overpowered Premium Squads

When Enlisted was in closed beta and you had to buy at least one premium squad to get in, this was less of a problem. In open beta, however, there is a clear difference between free and premium squads, and free-to-play players start out at a big disadvantage when playing against premium squads.

Is the problem impossible to solve? Of course not. I did very well with basic “free” squads, and my highest K/D match was mostly won with free squads. However, it is much harder to beat a premium squad with a free-2-play squad than it is to beat a free-2-play squad with a premium squad.

I’d like to say that I have faith that this will change, but based on some of the other games by the same publisher that have a similar scope, it’s likely that things will not only stay the same, but get worse as more premium units become available to buy.


Playing through the campaigns gives players a sense of real progress. Unlocking new units, vehicles, and weapons is fun until it stops being fun.

Right now, the progression feels just right, but I can’t help but think that Enlisted will eventually have to make it harder to unlock things, since a freemium game needs long-term commitment and, to be honest, cash shop purchases to stay alive.

I hope that’s not the case, and I’d love for the unlock cadence to stay the same, but I don’t think that will happen in the long run.

Realistic MMO FPS games like Enlisted don’t have a wide range of cosmetic items to sell, unlike DarkFlow Studio’s other game on the same engine, CRSED: FOAD, where any skin or cosmetic item “fits” because of the game’s strange story and setting.

In an authentic World War II setting, there are only so many ways to design a unit, and Enlisted will have to change sooner or later if it wants to keep making money after every unique combination of country and unit has been used up.


Even though players get a lot of different in-game currencies, some of which have multiple sub-currencies, those who don’t have the time to unlock the best weapons and units will be tempted to buy premium squads.

The problem with selling premium squads is that they require dozens of hours of grinding for the average player. This means that a player with a lot of extra cash will be able to “buy their way to the top,” which is exactly what pay-to-win means.

Enlisted isn’t completely pay-to-win, but it comes close and sometimes crosses the line.


Enlisted is about World War II, and like most books and movies about that time, it gets a lot of attention from racists, neo-Nazis, people who change history, and people who don’t believe the Holocaust happened.

Even though the community is about as toxic as in any competitive shooter, the setting makes things worse. This is especially true because Enlisted is free-to-play, which makes it easy for people who want to spread hate and bigotry to do so.

Aside from bigots and racists, some players only want to kill their own team, and many people in the community say that nothing is being done about it. The most well-known of these team killers has been reported well over 100 times, but nothing has been done about it.

Even though I can’t confirm that these numbers are correct, I think the developers should add a safety measure. For example, any player who kills more than five teammates in a day should be banned for 24 hours, and repeat offenders could be banned.

In the heat of battle, anyone can make a mistake, but 30 or more team kills in a single match is not a mistake, and the developers need to act quickly if they don’t want the community to be upset.

Are The Developers Of Enlisted Active?

During the many closed and open betas of Enlisted, Darkflow Software has been very active, updating the game about four times a month with small patches and dropping it about every 60 days.

That said, this schedule can’t last forever, and I expect Enlisted to switch to bug fixes every two weeks and content updates every three months by the end of 2022. This would be a live service model similar to Fortnite Battle Royale, Rogue Company, and Apex Legends.

Final Verdict

People still like Enlisted. There are still a lot of people who play the game and enjoy it. There will be a lot of changes coming soon. I think that Enlisted will continue to be popular and get more interesting over the next few years as long as the developers keep updating it and adding new features with each major update.