Is Company Of Heroes 3 Worth It

Is Company Of Heroes 3 Worth It?

People who love strategy games are probably waiting for the release of Company of Heroes 3. However, many gamers have been asking if it is worth it. So, is Company of Heroes 3 worth it? Let’s find out!

Is Company of Heroes 3 worth it? Yes! Company of Heroes 3 is worth it! Many critics have said that this game will be great! Also, lots of gamers are waiting for this game to be released because they know it will be worth it. The developers added some good features in this game so I think Company of Heroes 3 is worth it.

What To Expect In Company Of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3’s multiplayer feature can now be tried out, thanks to Relic Entertainment. Even though the new campaign mode is an interesting change for the series, multiplayer skirmishes have always been the real draw for me.

In the post-match survey that the pre-alpha gives, players are asked which mode they liked best in previous games. The “skirmish vs. AI” box is checked for me. It’s always been the most fun to work with a friend to beat a pair of AI enemies, and Company of Heroes 3 keeps that challenge going.

When you join a game, everything feels like Company of Heroes 2. Building a base is the same as it has always been, and adding structures unlocks units in the same way you’d expect. But it seems clear that tuning has gone in a different direction behind the scenes. In previous games in the series, rounds would start with a lot of focus on infantry. Then, as the round went on, the focus shifted to tanks fighting tanks, but infantry still moved around to capture points and take out threats to tanks.

In Company of Heroes 3, armor is used in a new way. Infantry is the core of your army, and gunfights between two squads across an Italian vineyard are often slow and logical. Fuel for making vehicles is harder to get, and how and when you use fuel has a big effect on your army. By upgrading to get grenades, your rifleman will be able to break into and clear out enemy-controlled buildings. However, upgrading to get air support will take longer.

Once a tank is made, it is a powerful asset, but in Company of Heroes 2, there are no more metal death machines. For a tank to stay alive, it needs to be placed well and scouted carefully by cheaper units. With just one bad move, a tank can be torn apart in no time. In Company of Heroes 3, armor is used to help the infantry instead of the other way around. At least, that’s how it looks so far.

The campaign preview let players try out the British forces and showed some of the Australian and Indian divisions that could be added. This gives players hope for a more global battlefield. 

Still, in this preview, it’s the US forces against the German Wehrmacht, which is pretty typical. Both sides have been in every Company of Heroes game, and while they have always played differently, they feel very different this time.

German troops can be retired and upgraded to units unlocked further down the tech trees. This means that your old Volksgrenadiers can take a quick break at the base and become newer Panzergrenadiers. Upgrades and improvements feel less like a change in the equipment and more like a change in the army’s way of thinking.

The US military is made up of people with different skills. For example, pathfinders sit further back so they can attack enemy troops spotted by forward riflemen or sneak up to get information from the front lines. Players can change the roles of vehicles like the M3 by adding a gun that shoots down planes or a piece of artillery.

Even though this is called a “pre-alpha,” some parts of the game feel very good. The sound design is really great. Explosions feel big, and gunshots that happen in the same place as your camera hit hard and reverberate around the room. Any action that you can’t see with your camera sounds like a battle far away. Tanks that get knocked out in a fierce battle don’t immediately explode into fireballs. 

Instead, they sag to a creaky stop like the metal behemoths they really are. When mortars or artillery hit a building, it shakes and bricks and tiles fall to the ground. Company of Heroes’ battlefields have never felt so brutally alive.

New features that make the game easier to play, like a switch for auto-reinforcing units and automatic upgrades of old units to new ones unlocked by battlegroups, help improve parts of the game that didn’t seem to need it. But some changes, like the new transparent user interface, may have been a step in the wrong direction.

Even though the presentation is great, there are problems with the performance. The settings menu seems sparse, and the camera often feels jittery when moving across a battlefield, no matter what changes are made. 

Trying to keep an eye on all of your troops to avoid grenades and mortars at any moment is not worth how uncomfortable the camera makes you feel, and it made it much harder for me to play smart. The game is called a “pre-alpha,” so hopefully these problems will be fixed before Relic shares more of it. Other than that, Company of Heroes 3 looks like it could be a great addition to the RTS genre.

So, Is Company Of Heroes 3 Worth It?

Yes! Company of Heroes 3 is worth it! The gameplay and the added features are worth trying for! The developers of this game made sure that everyone who loves the Company of Heroes game will enjoy this new one.