Is Clash Royale More Popular Than Fortnite

Is Clash Royale More Popular Than Fortnite? The Truth!

Some gamers ask if Clash Royale is more popular than Fortnite. The popularity of a game depends on different factors. These two games are amazing games that belong in different genres. They are loved by many gamers around the globe. But, who is more popular? Let’s find out!

Clash Royale has lots of installs compared to Fortnite, which is not surprising because we all know that all people around the globe have mobile phones since mobile phones are cheaper compared to PCs. However, even though that’s the case, Fortnite is still more popular because of their marketing strategy, like collaborating with well-known celebrities or brand. 

Is Clash Royale More Popular Than Fortnite?

Lots of people ask if Clash Royale is more popular than Fortnite. We all know that these two games belong to different genres. But it is still worth it to see who is more popular. 

For me, I think Clash Royale has more players than Fortnite but Fortnite is more popular. Popularity does not only vary from the number of players a game has. Lots of factors to consider to say that the game is popular. 

Fortnite made lots of collaborations with different well-known people, which makes their game to be well-known. Also, Fortnite has an international tournament where different pro players compete, while Clash Royale doesn’t! 

Before starting a tournament, the game should be popular enough where there are people that will watch the tournament. If not, then it is a waste of money to host a big tournament. 

However, even though we already know who is more popular, let’s still take a look at some of the numbers Clash Royale and Fortnite make. 

How Many Players Play Clash Royale?

It’s not clear how many people are actively playing Clash Royale, but official numbers from supercell say that the game has about 350 million users on iOS and Android.

These are the people who download the game through official channels. This doesn’t include the extra official downloads of this game that can be done outside of the stores.

In addition to this amazing number, Supercell has other interesting, unique, and shocking numbers, such as:

  • Every day, 28 million people play Clash Royale.
  • There are people from 180 different countries who play it.
  • Clash Royale brings in about $2 million per day for Supercell.
  • So far, a Mexican is the best player of Clash Royale in the world.
  • Since it started six years ago, the game Clash Royale has made a little more than $2 billion.

After dethroning Supercell’s Clash of Clans, the company that made the strategy game Clash Royale was at the top of the list of downloads.

This company started in 2010 and is based in Finland. It was started by a group of young people with big ideas and a lot of skill at making games for mobile devices. 

Clash Royale’s main feature, which will help it reach a larger audience, is that it is a game. It was free to download and set up, and small payments would be added to the game’s App over time. This strategy led to the big financial gains that the company has now.

How Many Players Play Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game that has both brought gamers together and brought them apart. Even though it has its share of haters, you can’t deny how important it is to the gaming culture as a whole.

With a free-to-play model and a format that makes it very competitive, it’s no surprise that so many people play the game.

Players like Epic Games is always looking for new ways to make content, and the company has worked with big names like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and Marvel, to name a few, to make collaborations and crossovers.

Epic, like a lot of big game companies, doesn’t often tell the community how many people are playing Fortnite. This makes it hard to get an exact number. But there are still bits and pieces of information out there.

In 2020, Epic Games said that more than 350 million people had signed up for Fortnite, and by 2021, that number had grown to 400 million. Even though there aren’t any official numbers yet, it’s likely that it was even higher in 2022.

This list of registered users will, of course, also include people who signed up but only played one or two games, so it doesn’t always show how many people play Fortnite regularly.

We can get this kind of information from a site like PlayerCounter. According to their numbers, between 2.9 million and 4 million people are playing Fortnite at the same time (just over 3 million at the time of writing). This means that in 2023, millions of people will still be logging in every day.

This is an estimate from a third party, not from Epic, so it’s hard to say if it’s completely accurate, but for now it’s the closest thing we have to a real-time player count.

It’s also important to note that when Fortnite has live events, these numbers tend to go up a lot. For example, 15.3 million players at the same time took part in the Chapter 2: Season 4 finale event to help defeat the Marvel villain Galactus.

Final Words

To conclude, Clash Royale has more players because it can be played mobile and almost all people in this world have phones. However, even though that’s the case, Fortnite is still more popular because of the marketing strategy they made.