How To Keep Dolphins Alive In Minecraft

How To Keep Dolphins Alive In Minecraft? Best Guide!

In Minecraft, there are a lot of things that you can do. You can build houses, hotels, and even a school. You can also build a farm, plant different vegetables, and you can also take care of animals. Yes! You can have a pet in Minecraft. Some Minecraft players used to take care of cows, pigs, wolves, llamas, pandas, or dolphins. 

Dolphins in Minecraft look so cute, which is why most Minecraft players want to take care of a dolphin. Also, having a pet dolphin is awesome and cool. These dolphin lovers have one question in common. They ask how to keep dolphins alive in Minecraft. Here let me tell you how!

How to keep dolphins alive in Minecraft? Dolphins need to spend their time both in water and need to surface for air. In survival mode, you should make a cage where the dolphins can swim freely and the enclosure should be open so that the dolphin can breathe. You can gain the trust of the dolphins in Minecraft easily, but you can also lose it easily. 

Today, we will talk about dolphins in Minecraft. I stopped playing Minecraft last five years so I haven’t seen or tried to take care of a dolphin in Minecraft. However, before writing this article, I downloaded the game again to test and try to take care of a dolphin. So, it means that I have lots of things to share with you about dolphins. So, if you are ready, let’s get it on!

Can You Keep Dolphins in Minecraft?

It is possible to keep a dolphin in Minecraft. However, let me be honest with you. Taming a dolphin in Minecraft can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner in Minecraft. 

You can feed dolphins raw cod or pull along with a lead. However, unlike wolves or ocelots, dolphins can be hard to tame. It is difficult to keep dolphins in Minecraft because if they escape, they will go back to the ocean. 

Yes, it is possible to keep dolphins in Minecraft, but it will test your skills in Minecraft before you can capture one. If you have been playing Minecraft since day one, then it is easy for you to catch a dolphin in Minecraft. Once you get a dolphin, make sure to put it in an enclosure where it can live and will not leave. 

What Do Minecraft Dolphins Need To Survive?

Dolphins in Minecraft need to spend time both in water and occasionally need to surface for air. Dolphins need oxygen and to be wet. You can get the trust of dolphins in Minecraft but once you hurt them or forget to feed them, they will lose their trust easily. 

Why Does Your Dolphin In Minecraft Keep Dying?

Dolphins in Minecraft have a breath meter and they need to resurface similar to how the player needs to resurface for air. If dolphins get too close to the ceiling or wall they can suffocate, which is the reason why your pet dolphin in Minecraft keeps dying.

If you want your pet dolphin in Minecraft to live, you must make sure that you create an enclosure where they can resurface. Never let your dolphin stay in a closed enclosure, where they cannot resurface and breathe. 

How To Ride A Dolphin In Minecraft?

For you to be able to ride a dolphin in Minecraft you must tame the dolphin first. You have to give the dolphin some food for you to gain its trust. If you haven’t tamed the dolphin, the dolphin will not let you ride on it. 

Final Words

So, to keep dolphins alive in Minecraft, you have to make an enclosure where your pet dolphin can resurface and breathe. Also, you must give your pet dolphin some food so that it can grow and survive. You must also put the enclosure of your dolphin in a safe place because zombies or other creatures might attack your dolphin.