How To Invade Your Friends In Elden Ring

How To Invade Your Friends In Elden Ring? (Complete Guide)

Elden Ring is a wonderful gem that has kept players gripping their controllers for hours at a time. One of the best things about Elden Ring is that you can tell other people about the magic you’ve seen.

One can choose to bring friends into their world, where they can help them clear out areas and fight exciting bosses. But if you want to get violent, you can also go into other players’ worlds as a hostile enemy. Here’s how to get your friends’ attention in the Elden Ring.

If you wanted to surprise your friends by coming into their worlds as an enemy, you can’t do that yet. The chances of you breaking into your friend’s house are one in a million, and that would only happen by chance. 

But you can fight to the death with your friends by putting down red summon signs with the Duelist Furled Fingers and passwords that match.

Want to go up against your friends and show them who’s in charge? Read on to find out how you can make them sorry they didn’t pay their share of the bill the last time you went out. 

We will look at how to invade friends in Elden Ring and all the problems and limits that come with it. Here’s how to invade your friends in Elden Ring, without further ado:

How To Invade Your Friends In Elden Ring?

If you wanted to drop into their worlds to say hi and maybe kill them (like friends do), we have bad news for you. In Elden Ring, you cannot choose whose world you go into. There are, however, some close enough alternatives that you can look into.

Even though the game is great on its own, Elden Ring also lets you play with other people. And while co-op play with friends and strangers who need help with bosses is great, you can also invade another player’s world and have a fight to the death.

In Elden Ring, you need special Multiplayer items to both attack and be attacked. The first thing you need is to be online. You need the Festering Bloody Finger to try to take over another Elden Ring player’s world. The Bloody Finger replaces the Festering Bloody Finger in Multiplayer, making the Festering Bloody Finger useless.

In the Elden Ring, you can get invaded by putting down a Taunter’s Tongue to attract invaders and have fun killing other Tarnished.

Invading Friends

Even though it’s a bummer that you can’t just jump into a friend’s world to make them more angry and frustrated, there are still ways to do PvP with your friends. There are two things you need to do:

Duelist’s Furled Fingers

Item Type: Reusable

Effect: Creates competitive multiplayer summon sign

Description:  Item for online play.

Makes a summon sign for multiplayer competition.

Come as an opponent (Duelist), and your goal is to beat the Host of Fingers in the world where you were called.

A hook-shaped finger of corpse wax. The bronze decorations show that the person is a duelist.

The first thing you need is the Duelist’s Furled Fingers, which is a Multiplayer item. This item lets you put down a competitive summon sign that other players can use to call you into their worlds as an enemy. This item can be used more than once, but it can only be used in online play. Get a Duelist’s Furled Finger and go to the next step to fight your friends in the Elden Ring.

Matching Passwords

In SoulsBorne games, we’ve always been able to set a password to limit and customize matchmaking. This makes sure that only players with the same password are put together to play together or against each other. This useful feature was added to Elden Ring multiplayer, which is good news.

Go to the Pause menu and choose Multiplayer to set a password. This will take you to a separate menu where you can set up and get items for Multiplayer. Set a password here, and make sure that both you and your friend set the same password. Something unique with a mix of letters and numbers should work.

Dueling Friends

Follow the two steps above if you want to have a duel with your friends. Use a Bloody Finger on the person whose world you want to go to, and use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy on the invader to see their summon sign. After that, if your password is unique, you will be in your friend’s world, ready to fight to the death! Matchmaking might take some time just so you know. 

Final Thoughts

So there you go. This is the end of our article about how to invade your friends in the Elden Ring. It is almost as good as stopping by to say hello. Beggars can’t be picky, especially when they can play through a great open-world mode offline.

If this guide helped you, please share our article online. We hope you have a lot of fun killing each other in a friendly way. Tarnished, I wish you luck!