How to Get Free Gems In Cooking Fever Game

How to Get Free Gems In Cooking Fever Game? 

Cooking Fever game is an amazing game that can be played on IOS and Android. I personally enjoyed this amazing cooking game so much. I love collecting gems and buying them inside the game. However, if you have no money or are not earning yet, how can you buy gems? Can you get free gems in the Cooking Fever game for free?

Yes! You can! And today, I will teach you how to get free gems in Cooking Fever game! Some of the ways to get free gems in Cooking Fever game are: 

  • Collect daily rewards
  • Spin the wheel at the Casino
  • Increase your XP level
  • Connect game with Facebook
  • Participate in Facebook contests
  • Complete Achievements and Tasks
  • Participate in Tournaments
  • Collect Mystery Box
  • Play game regularly

Collect Daily Rewards

The daily rewards calendar in Cooking Fever lets you get free rewards every day. You will get free gems, coins, and other game resources as a reward.

You can get a free reward by tapping the calendar icon in the bottom right corner and then tapping the reward item in the reward tab.

Here, you have to use these rewards every day in order to get a bonus Mystery Box at the end of the month.

Spin The Wheel At The Casino 

In Cooking Fever, Casino Spin is like a small game. Here, you can bet with game coins, and every 24 hours, you have a chance to win 15 Gems.

If you are just starting out and don’t have enough coins, this is a pretty pricey choice.

Increase Your XP Level

Try to get more XP, which is short for “experience points.” This will give you coins and gems.

Each level of the game lets you earn up to 7 gems. As your experience level goes up, you will get coins and gems.

One way to get more XP is to play levels you have already finished twice a day.

Connect Your Facebook

Playing the game with Facebook connect is a good idea after you’ve played it a few times.

When you connect your Cooking Fever game to Facebook, you get free gems. If you like the game’s Facebook page and invite friends after connecting, you’ll get more gems.

Join Facebook Contests

On their Facebook page, a lot of people play the Cooking Fever game. You can enter contests and do other things with the community on page.

And if you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll get awesome prizes in your game account. Different amounts of gems (50 gems, 600 gems, etc.) and other items are given as rewards.

Complete Different Achievements

Achievements and tasks are good ways to move forward in the game and get free rewards.

When you finish a goal or task, you can ask for and get a reward for it. You can get coins, gems, and XPs as a reward.

Join Tournaments

Tournaments run for a limited amount of time and offer the chance to win amazing prizes. Some tournaments are free to enter, while others cost coins or gems.

In tournaments, you have to play against other people if you want to win big prizes.

Collect Mystery Box 

Another way to get free gems is to open a Mystery Box. Try to get as many Mystery Boxes as you can because they can give you free gems and other gifts.

Mystery Box can be earned through things like the daily reward calendar reward and the achievements and task rewards.

Play Game Consistently

Cooking Fever has a reward called “Welcome Back.” After the seventh day of playing the game, you will get two gems every day.

You can also find a lot of free gems that are hidden, but you can only find them if you play the game every day and keep your game experience up to date.


That’s it! That’s all the things that you can do to get free gems in Cooking Fever game! I hope that you can get your free gems as soon as possible! Let’s go!