Does Evil West Have Character Creation

Does Evil West Have Character Creation?

Evil West has very amazing gameplay, which gamers will surely enjoy. There are characters that look very cool! However, some people ask if Evil West has character creation. The characters seem to be good but some people want to create their own character in Evil West. So, does Evil West have character creation? 

Does Evil West have character creation? No! Evil West has no character creation. However, there are some perks to be collected to help you make your character your own. The characters in Evil West were created properly by the developers so that gamers will enjoy the game. 

Even though the only thing that you can customize is the skins, we might still have the opportunity to create our own character in Evil West in the coming updates of the game. Now, you might be wondering how you can unlock skins in Evil West? We will talk about that in this article! Let’s go!

How To Unlock Skins In Evil West?

Evil West has 16 skins, which include skins for both the character and the weapons. Half of these skins are already in the game. You can find them in hidden chests all over the map.

Also, you can buy skins for the other half with real money on Steam. The only thing these skins do is change how your character and weapons look. It doesn’t change how you play the game or how well your weapons work.

Evil West also lets you change your character’s skin while the game is going on. This makes customizing your character quick and easy.

In-Game Skins

You have to find the game skins in order to use them. These skins are hidden in different places on your map, which you can find as you play. Don’t worry about how you are going to find these hidden places. Here is everything you need to know to find these chests:

Where To Find Skins In The Game?

Evil West is a simple game to play, but there are some hidden places for players to find. Most of the time, bucks and collectible chests are hidden in these secret places. When you find a collectible chest, you get an upgrade, a new look for your character, or a new skin for your weapons.

So, on every mission, keep an eye out for walls that can be broken, chains that lead somewhere, and hidden posts, because that’s where these chests will be. And before you move on to the next place, make sure you have looked everywhere there. You can also check the Lore menu to see if you’ve gotten all of the bucks and collectibles from a certain spot on the map.

Still having trouble staying alive among the bloodhound vampire hordes and making money for upgrades. We wrote down everything a new player to Evil West needs to know in one place.

Skins From Steam

In addition to the skins you can find in the game’s secret chests, you can also buy some skins on Steam with real money. Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog have put out a DLC Skin Pack for Evil West on Steam. This DLC is called “Evil West: Wild Wild East,” and it costs $2.29 on Steam.

You can get the following from this DLC pack:

  • Golden Defender Outfit: A new outfit for Jesse Rentier that is all gold and has blue stripes.
  • You get five more Golden glowy skins for your weapons, like the Boomstick, Rifle, Zapper, Revolver, and Gauntlet, which make them look cool and shiny while you play.

If you bought the game before it came out, you don’t need to buy this DLC pack because you already have these skins. Even though these costume skins are cool, many players have complained that even if you buy the skin and put it on, Jesse will still be wearing his normal outfit in cutscenes. We think this is a bug in the game, and we hope Focus Entertainment will fix it soon.

Who Is The Main Character In Evil West?

Evil West is a third-person shooter game. In the game, the player is in charge of a vampire hunter named Jesse Rentier. You will use that player in the game and you can unlock skins in the game you just have to follow the tips I gave above. 


Evil West has no character creation. But you can get some benefits that will help you make your character your own. The people who made Evil West made sure that the characters were done right so that people would like to play it.