Do Valorant Skins Have Aimbot

Do Valorant Skins Have Aimbot? The Truth!

Almost all online games have skins or in-game purchases. These in-game purchases are good to collect, especially if you are addicted to a certain game that has in-game purchases. One of the online games that have in-game purchases or skins is Valorant. 

Valorant is a shooting game and each gun has a different type of skin. Some of the skins in Valorant that are famous are Reaver, Glitchpop, Sakura, Prime, Elderflame and more! However, there is one issue Valorant players are having. Some Valorant players think that some of these skins give aimbot to players. Is this true or false? Let us find out!

Do Valorant skins have aimbot? No. Valorant skins have no Aimbot. However, Valorant skins can help you land headshots due to their slick feel and lightweight. Valorant skins might trick you into believing that you have an aimbot, but this is not true. Shooting feels easier if you have skins. 

Today, we will talk about Valorant skins having aimbot. I will clear out every belief that is untrue about Valorant skins. Also, I will be answering various questions related to our topic. So, if you are ready, let us move on!

Does Skins Give You Aimbot In Valorant?

Like I have said above, skins in Valorant will not give you aimbot. This is a myth, where some Valorant players are believing. Yes! It might seem that you are having a good aim when using a skin but it does not mean that skins can give you aimbot in Valorant. 

By the way, what is aimbot? Aimbot is another name for auto aim. This bot is used in first person shooter games to provide automated target acquisition and calibration to the player. Aimbot is considered cheating. 

If skins have aimbot in Valorant, then Riot should have banned skins already and ban every Valorant player that is using skin. Valorant is very strict when it comes to cheating so why will they make something and put it inside their game that can be considered cheating? Sounds logical. Right? 

Because of the skins in Valorant, many people started to believe that Valorant is a pay to win game, which is clearly not. 

Skins in Valorant have no aimbot but skins might help you to land headshots or body shots due to their slick feel and lightweight. Having a skin in Valorant makes you more confident and motivated to kill an enemy. Never think again that Valorant skins have aimbot because they never have. 

Do All Valorant Skins Have Animations?

No. Not all Valorant skins have animations. However, the expensive skins are the ones who have animations. Each Valorant skin has its own animations, sound effects, and sights. Before buying a certain skin, you can check its animations, sound effects, and sights. You can check if you like it. 

Are Valorant Skins Pay To Win?

No. Valorant skins are not paid to win in-game purchases. Some Valorant players think it is but actually it is not. The reason why you have a good aim in Valorant while using skins is because the skins give you confidence and make you want more to kill an enemy. 

Should You Buy Skins In Valorant?

Yes! You should buy skins in Valorant because the skins in Valorant can help you to aim properly. However, it does not mean that Valorant skins have aimbot. The reason why it can help you to shoot properly is because Valorant skins can give you confidence and desire to kill more enemies. 

10 Valorant Skins That Give You Aimbot


BlastX is one of the best Valorant skins for people who want a rush of nostalgia. That’s because these Valorant skins not only have animations and sound effects from the past, but also a great 90s look. In particular, the BlastX series makes you feel like a kid again because it looks like a toy from the 1990s.

This package is available for Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, Spectre, and Melee. The whole set costs 8,700 Valorant Points, which is equivalent to $85. But you can buy each of them separately in the rotating shop. Each BlastX Valorant skin for Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, and Spectre costs 2,175 VP. But the Melee weapon will cost you 4,350 VP on its own. The BlastX Spray, on the other hand, will only cost 325 VP.


The Elderflame series is without a doubt one of the most well-known Valorant skins in the game. That makes sense, considering that just looking at these weapons makes you feel scared. Also, the visual effects and animation are known to be some of the best in the game. Many Valorant players probably think these Valorant skins are the best because of this.

But these gorgeous Elderflame Valorant skins aren’t cheap. Riot Games put a price of $100 on these Valorant skins, making them the most expensive in the game. It can be used in Vandal, Operator, Judge, Frenzy, and Melee. 

Each of the first four will cost you 2,475 VP. The Elderflame dagger, on the other hand, costs a lot more and costs 4,950 VP. If you buy the bundle, it should cost you about 9,900 VP and come with an extra buddy, spray, and card.

Also, you can always choose a different color if you get tired of the base Elderflame Valorant skins. But they cost Radiant Points, so you should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Glitchpop 2.0

When it first came out, the original Glitchpop Vandal might have been the best set of Valorant skins. Its skins for Frenzy, Judge, Bulldog, Odin, and Melee weapons not only looked great but also came in a variety of beautiful styles. But Glitchpop’s designs were made for guns that weren’t as popular.

Now, Riot Games has given the original fans of Glitchpop what they want by putting out version 2. As the name suggests, the new theme still has the glitchy digital look of the Glichpop Valorant skins. But the bright neon colors that are used in its design give it a pop of individuality. So, the new set has a cyberpunk look that is sure to get everyone’s attention. 

This is especially true because the new design has holograms, lights, and ads that are very bright and catchy. It also adds great animations and visual effects that make it even more fun to use. Team fighting has never looked so cool.

Phantom, Vandal, Classic, Operator, and Axe can all use the new Glitchpop version that came out in February 2021. Each of these usually costs 2,175 VP. But each version of Glitchpop and Glitchpop 2.0 with a dagger or an axe costs 4,350 VP. On the other hand, you can get the whole set for 8,700 VP if you buy the bundle as a whole.


Valorant stands out from other first-person shooter games because it looks so flashy and good-looking. Even the new Valorant skins that came out in 2021 are the same high quality. The Magepunk set of Valorant skins is what we’re talking about.

This time, the new Magepunk series is based on the sci-fi fantasy genre and uses steampunk style. Magepunk weapons, on the other hand, get their power from magic instead of electricity, like most steampunk weapons. It’s one of the best Valorant skins to show off and stand out from the crowd while still looking like you mean business.

These Valorant skins are part of the line of premium skins, and each one will cost 1,775 VP. Bucky, Ghost, Marshal, and Spectre are all part of this. But buying a melee item will cost you 3,500 VP, and buying the whole bundle will earn you 7,100 VP. The Magepunk Card, Spray, and Buddy are also part of this series.


Have you ever wished you could use a gun like an ancient samurai? The Oni set of Valorant skins is what you need. The samurai, who were warriors in Japan in the past, are the ones who inspired these skins. These skins also change over time and can be used on the Guardian, Bucky, Phantom, and Knife.

This set of Valorant skins doesn’t have any special sound effects, which is a shame. Still, they’re the best way to become a Japanese soldier or samurai if that’s what you’ve always wanted to do. It will cost you 1,775 VP to buy just the Phantom skin. But you can save money on these Valorant skins if you buy the bundle for 5,324 VP. Also, the package comes with some freebies, such as buddies, cards, and sprays.


The great thing about buying Valorant skins is that you can change the way you look no matter where you are. Yes, it takes place in the near future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use their Origin skins to play pretend and feel like an alien.

Yes, the leaked designs show that the Origin set of Valorant skins has a theme based on aliens. In addition, the way these new skins die fits with their themes. When you kill your last enemy, you’ll call up a strange ring that takes them away, just like aliens! On the other hand, you can buy red and gold versions of these Valorant skins for Radiant Points.

There are Valorant skins for Bucky, Frenzy, Vandal, Operator, and Melee that are part of the Origin set. If you want to know more about the melee weapon, it looks like a combination of brass knuckles and a karambit. It will cost you 1,775 VP to buy each gun skin. On the other hand, it will cost 3,550 VP to buy the knife by itself. But you can also buy the bundle for 7,100 VP and get it along with the usual free gifts.


The Prime series of Valorant skins is very popular, and for good reason. Because it was one of the first skins ever made, the community has a special place for it. But it looks a little old compared to the others on this list, especially the ones that are more recent.

The Prime series of Valorant skins is still very popular, though. They have a simple, colorful look, and the animations and visual effects are clean and smooth. Also, the howling wolf finisher is always fun to watch and seems to be around for a long time. The Prime series of Valorant skins is available for Spectre, Classic, Guardian, Vandal, and Axe. Each of these costs a total of 1,775 VP.

If you want something newer, though, the Prime series also got a new version in 2021. This time, Frenzy, Phantom, Odin, Bucky, and Karambit can get Prime 2.0 Valorant skins (Melee). Each of these costs 1,775 VP, the same as the original, except for the Karambit, which costs 3,550 VP. But you can also buy the bundle for 7,100 VP and get two buddies, a player card, and a spray.


Since the closed beta, when players first got to try out the game, the Reaver Valorant skin was one of the most popular. When beta testers tried it out for the first time, they gave Riot Games a lot of feedback about it. Because of this, the Reaver series was put on hold for a while.

Riot Games did a lot of work to make these beautiful skins better before releasing them in November 2020. Now, they are definitely one of the coolest Valorant skins you can get. Just by looking at it, you can tell it has a darker, moodier vibe that shows what it can do.

As part of their animation, these Valorant skins will instantly send your enemies to the underworld. When you use its finisher, it’s both scary and beautiful to watch as multiple hands drag your enemy down to hell.

The Guardian, the Sheriff, the Vandal, the Operator, and the Melee can all use the Reaver series. Players will have to pay 1,775 VP for each gun, while the Melee version will cost 3,550 VP. On the other hand, players can buy a bundle of a card, a spray, and a buddy for 7,100 VP.


If you’ve played any of Riot’s other games, you probably know what The Sentinels of Light event is. This event from League of Legends has spread to all of Riot’s games, even Valorant. How? Through the Ruination set of Valorant skins, which are beautifully made.

Anyone can tell by looking at these Valorant skins that they took hundreds of hours to make. They really shine, with a black and green color scheme that will make people look. You can get these Valorant skins for Melee, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom if you want them.

Each skin for a gun will cost 2,175 VP, and the skin for a melee weapon will cost a whopping 4,350 VP. If you want to save money, the bundle can be bought for 8,700 VP. When you buy Ruination as a set, you’ll get a free gun buddy, spray, and player card, just like when you buy other bundles.

Sentinels Of Light

League of Legends is present on Valorant in more ways than just the Ruination skins. The Sentinels of Light series is one example. What makes the Sentinels of Light Valorant skins so unique? Well, it’s a great theme for Valorant players who also like League of Legends. Also, it has nothing in common with the Ruination set. If you want to help the good guys, you should use the Sentinels set of Valorant skins.

Sentinels of Light Valorant skins are available for Operator, Ares, Vandal, Sheriff, and Melee. These cost a lot, just like the Ruination Valorant skins. Overall, the bundle is cheaper because it only costs 8,700 VP for the whole set. This will also come with a regular gun buddy and player card. But you can also buy each gun skin on its own for 2,175 VP. On the other hand, just the melee will cost you 4,350 VP.

Final Verdict

Valorant skins have no aimbot. The reason why Valorant players are good at shooting while having skins is because skins help them to land headshots due to their slick feel and lightweight. Also, skins can give you confidence and desire to kill more enemies. So, I suggest you buy skins in Valorant!