Do Valorant Friend Requests Expire

Do Valorant Friend Requests Expire? Yes Or No?

Have you ever received lots of friend requests on Valorant? Most of these friend requests come from Valorant players that you have played with. It came either from competitive mode or unrated mode. 

Some of you reading this might not like having lots of friend requests and hate rejecting the friend requests at the same time. Or maybe you are just curious if Valorant friend requests expire. So, do Valorant friend requests expire? Let’s find out!

According to the majority of Valorant players, including me, Valorant friend requests do not expire. However, a Valorant account has a limit on receiving friend requests. But even though this is the case today, this might change in the next updates of Valorant. 

Do Valorant Friend Requests Expire?

Do Valorant friend requests expire? It’s a common question, but the answer isn’t so common. We don’t really know, to be honest. The reason is that Riot Games, the company that made Valorant, hasn’t said anything official about it yet. 

This has led to a lot of guesses and theories, with the most popular one being that friend requests do indeed expire after a certain amount of time. The problem with this theory is that it is not backed up by any real evidence. 

So, what do we really know? Well, we all know that when you add someone as a friend on Valorant, they will stay there forever. But there’s a chance they’ll be taken off your list if they delete their account or get kicked out of the game. Aside from that, we don’t really know much about whether or not valorant friend requests expire. So, for now, all we can do is guess.

In my personal experience, Valorant friend requests don’t expire. I don’t usually accept all friend requests that I receive in Valorant, especially if the player is bad, hehe. 

Lots of Valorant friend requests are on my account and some of them are already a year or two there. So, I think, even though Riot Games have no announcement about this one, Valorant friend requests don’t expire. 

Is There A Friend Request Limit On Valorant?

Since it came out in June 2020, Valorant has gone through a lot of big changes that have made it what it is now. The game’s social system, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten much attention from the developers.

In a lot of games, like Riot Games’ tactical 5v5 FPS shooter, the social systems are mostly ignored and not used very often. Players of Valorant are suggesting changes to the game’s social system that would make it much better. For example, the chat system is buggy, and some features are missing that are absolutely necessary.

In a Reddit thread posted on December 24 by Valorant player ThestorSeleukos, the player pointed out one of the biggest problems with the social system in Valorant. More specifically, with problems sending and getting requests to be friends.

There is a limit on the number of friends you can have on all Valorant accounts, and this includes the number of pending friend requests. Once a player has reached the limit, there are no system messages to let them know, and all incoming friend requests are ignored right away.

How To See Pending Friend Requests On Valorant?

Go to the Friends tab in the game’s main menu to see what friend requests you have yet to accept. Here, you can see a list of all your current friends and any friend requests that are still being processed. To accept or turn down a request, just click the button next to the player’s name that corresponds to what you want to do.

Should I Accept All Valorant Friend Requests?

No! You should not accept all Valorant friend requests. However, it depends on you! But for me, I rather not accept all who tries to add me because of three reasons:

  • I don’t know them 
  • I prefer playing with friends or alone
  • They might be bad players that might slow me down in reaching the rank I desire

However, it still depends on you. If you are friendly and love meeting new people in Valorant, then maybe accepting some friend requests might not hurt. Maybe you can find your future wife or husband there. Right? 

Jokes aside, I think that if it makes you not comfortable to accept a friend request, then don’t accept it. If you have a doubt, then that’s a big sign of not accepting a certain Valorant player that tries to add you. 

Final Words

Most Valorant players, including me, say that friend requests on Valorant do not expire. But a Valorant account can only receive a certain number of friend requests. But even though this is the case right now, it could change in the next Valorant updates.