Do Valorant Agents Have Passives

Do Valorant Agents Have Passives? Yes Or No?

Each Valorant agent has their own unique storyline and skills, which helps the team in different ways. We have Sage who is a healer, Raze a duelist, Omen who is a smoker, and many more! We all know that these Valorant agents have active powers or skills. But what about passives? Do Valorant agents have passives? Let’s find out!

Do Valorant agents have passives? Yes! Valorant agents have passives. However, not all Valorant agents have passives. There are only a few Valorant agents who have passives.

We will talk about those Valorant agents that have passives in this article. Also, I will be telling you what passive abilities are. Let’s go!

What Are Passive Abilities?

Passive abilities are those that happen without the player doing anything, or that don’t change the game world directly but only how the hero moves or how their abilities work.

In Valorant, not all agents have passives. There are only some agents who have passives. Let’s take a look at some of the passives of agents in Valorant. Let’s go!

Do Valorants Agents Have Passives?

Each Valorant Agent has a unique set of skills. They can win matches by using their powers, like being able to flash while turning blind corners or throwing smoke bombs.

Most Agents’ skills are active, but some have passive skills. For people who don’t know, these are the skills that don’t need to be turned on. When certain conditions are met, they turn on by themselves and either heal people or give the Agent more power for other skills.

Not all Valorant Agents have these passive skills. There are only six Agents with unique passive skills right now. Some can be used to get the upper hand in matches, while others can be used to activate other skills.


This passivity is linked to Neon in Valorant. This Agent needs energy to use her signature ability, “High Gear.” You can tell how much energy she has by looking at the blue bar right above her ability panel in the game.

Neon can have up to 100 energy at any given time. When she uses “High Gear,” 10 points of this energy are used up every second. This means that her ability can only be used for a total of ten seconds.

But when Neon uses her ultimate, “Overdrive,” this energy bar goes down by 5 points every second. This lets Neon use her ultimate for a whopping 20 seconds.

In those seconds, a lot can happen, but Neon doesn’t get more energy at that rate. But every time she kills something, her energy bar fills back up to the top.


In the game, the Fuel passive is linked to Viper. This Agent is very interested in toxins and poisons, so it’s not surprising that her skills are based on the same things. Almost all of Viper’s abilities, except for “Snakebite,” need Fuel.

Her signature ability, “Toxic Screen,” and her “Poison Cloud” grenade, both cost about one Fuel every 0.15 seconds. This means that each of her abilities can be used for about 15 seconds. She can, however, use both at the same time, but that will make her abilities stop working in 10 seconds.

When Viper runs out of Fuel, her skills stop working on their own. She can get five Fuel back every second, so she can use her powers again after 20 seconds.


This passive ability comes with Jett, the Korean high flyer, in Valorant. With Drift, she can slow down her fall.

When playing as Jett, players can press and hold the jump button to jump from a high place. If you do that, she will float through the air.

Unlike the passives of the other Agents, Jett’s doesn’t use any energy. It is just there, and it works as long as she is in the air.

This skill can be useful if you know how to use it. First of all, since this passive lets Jett glide, she doesn’t have to take damage when she falls. She can literally jump off of something high and then glide down.

Second, because of her passive ability, Jett can now glide farther, which means she can jump farther. This can help you avoid skills that leave damage on the ground and hurt enemies who step in them.

Last, it’s hard to hit someone or something that keeps gliding. When someone is constantly jumping, it’s hard to hit them in the head or body.

But it’s even harder to hit someone in Valorant when they’re moving around in the air.

Heating Up

Phoenix, Valorant’s own firebug, has this passive skill. This hotshot from Britain likes to play with fire so much that all of his powers involve setting things on fire.

“Hot Hands,” his most famous ability, lets Phoenix throw a fireball on the ground that hurts anyone who steps in the small area that is on fire.

He also has a skill called “Blaze,” which lets him make a wall of fire. Even though both of these skills hurt enemies, Phoenix is hurt by them.

He gets the Heating Up buff whenever he is close to one of his abilities. With this buff on, Phoenix can heal himself up to 50 HP.

Blaze heals him more slowly than Hot Hands, but it does so faster than Hot Hands. But it gives him a little bit of cover as well. Both can be very helpful when things go wrong.

Soul Harvest

Sometimes Reyna is scary. She is one of the few Agents with a passive ability, which is probably one of the most unique in the game. When Reyna hits an enemy, if they die within three seconds, they drop a soul orb.

Now, Reyna can eat this soul orb to use Devour to heal herself or Dismiss to become ethereal. During that time, she can move faster, but she can’t shoot any weapons.

This lets her kill enemies, heal herself right away, or move around in Valorant with the press of a button.

As a Duelist, it helps if she can heal herself or move in the blink of an eye. If the Soul Harvest passive is used right, it can help change the course of a match in Valorant.

Terror Trail

Fade is the only Agent who can make other people feel scared. She uses fear as a weapon to stop her enemies in their tracks.

The passive ability Terror Trail is only used when an enemy is marked by her signature ability “Haunt” or her ultimate ability “Nightfall.”

When either of the two abilities hits an enemy, it gets marked and a trail forms at its feet. This trail stays on the affected Agent for 12 seconds and follows them wherever they go.

As soon as a trail is made, Fade can send her prowlers down it. Then, these scavengers find the enemy and blind it.

Even though the prowlers can be used on their own, they work best when used with her signature ability or her ultimate ability in Valorant.


The Queen of Poisons in Valorant has this passive skill. Viper already has a passive ability called “Fuel,” but “Toxin” is just a debuff that she can use on other people.

All of her skills have to do with poisons, so when an enemy steps into one of her traps, they get the Toxin debuff right away. When this debuff is active, the health of the affected Agents starts to go down. When in close contact for a long time, they lose 10 HP per second.

Even after they leave the poisonous area, their health stays at that point for about 1.5 seconds before it starts to come back. Once the debuff is gone, agents get about 25 HP per second. 

But if they take damage from a bullet when their health is going down, they won’t get back the amount of health they lost because of the damage in Valorant.

Final Words

To conclude, Valorant agents have passives. Not every Valorant agent, though, has a passive. Only a small number of Valorant agents have passives.