Do Valorant Agents Curse

Do Valorant Agents Curse? Yes Or No?

Valorant has many agents and each agent has their own set of skills. They have their own power and they are useful in different situations. For example, Jett and Reyna are duelists, which means they are useful in entering the site. However, not just that. Each Valorant agent has their own voice and lines. Some Valorant players said that some of the agents curse. Is this true? Let us find out!

Do Valorant agents curse? Yes! Some Valorant agents curse, but not all of them. That is why Valorant is rated 16. Each Valorant agent has their own set of lines in the game. When you notice, each Valorant agent speaks and the language they speak is based on what country they were raised in.

Today, we will talk about Valorant agents and who are the certain agents that actually say a bad word. Also, I will answer various questions related to our subject. So, if you are ready, let us move on. 

Do Some Valorant Agents Curse? 

Yes! Some Valorant agents curse or in other words, they say bad words. This is the reason why Riot Games marked Valorant rated 16 because of this. Aside from that, the violence of Valorant and how brutal the game can be. 

Who Are The Valorant Agents That Curse?

The Valorant agents that curse are Viper, Jett, Omen, Yoru, Killjoy, Phoenix, and Skye. I think most of them do say bad words. 

Viper says bad words when diffusing the spike while the time is running out. Omen says bad words if someone canceled his ultimate. Jett curses after killing an enemy. Yoru say bad words but in Japanese. Killjoy also says bad words but in German language. Phoenix swears too. Lastly, Skye swears saying “I don’t sign up for this sh*t. 

Like I have said I think most of them do and upcoming agents might be saying bad words too. However, the Valorant agents I listed above are the memorable ones that are known saying bad words by Valorant players.

Final Words

Valorant agents curse. Most of them do. However, some Valorant agents say bad words not too often while some say bad words often. This is the reason why Riot Games marked their game rated 16.