Do League Of Legends Players Shower

Do League Of Legends Players Shower?

There are lots of speculations out there already that state that League of Legends players do not take showers. This issue has been into Reddit, Quora, and other forums, especially in gaming forums. Gamers stated that League of Legends players do not shower because they have attended the Worlds and it seems like their nose had a bad experience in the Worlds. 

I know that taking showers before going outside your house is a basic hygiene, which everybody must do. But to clear this issue, let me answer one question most League of Legends players ask and that is: Do League of Legends players shower? Well, let us find out!

Do League of Legends players shower? While it seems like most League of Legends players look clean, some of them do not take showers. And the reason why some League of Legends players do not take showers is not clear yet. But for me, I think the reason is because of culture or they take showers but their smell is just like that. 

Today, we will talk about League of Legends players not taking showers. I will tell you different reasons why League of Legends players don’t take showers and answer some questions related to our subject.

Why Do People Say That League Of Legends Pros Don’t Shower?

The main reason why people say that League of Legends pros don’t shower is because they have smelled them. How did they smell? These people that are creating this kind of speculation have been into the Worlds. They stated that there are certain League of Legends players that smell bad. And it is not just players, some of the audience smell bad too they said. 

For those who don’t know what Worlds is, let me tell you what it is. Worlds is an event by Riot Games where League of Legends pros compete. In this event, there are lots of people watching on-site. 

I have never been into Worlds but there are many people that have been there that are saying that there are some players and pros that smell bad, which they conclude that these people did not take a shower before going to the Worlds. 

Should You Go To Shower Before Going To Worlds?

Of course! You should go to shower before going to Worlds or even just going out of your house. Taking a shower is a basic hygiene that every human being should do. You should take a shower every day to make your skin good and smell nice. 

I suggest that you take shower before playing video games because your brain might get damaged, including your eyes. So, take shower before sitting in front of your computer, console, or mobile phone. 

Final Words

To conclude, some League of Legends players do not take showers. However, let us not discriminate against them because maybe, they have their own reason why they do not take showers. But I suggest you take shower before going anywhere.