Can You Play Valorant Without Graphics Card

Can You Play Valorant Without Graphics Card? 

Valorant is an amazing FPS game that attracted lots of gamers around the globe. Some are getting attracted and want to play the game. However, some of these people that want to start playing Valorant have a computer or laptop that does not have graphics card. They ask if they can play Valorant without graphics card. So, can you? 

Can you play Valorant without graphics card? Yes! You can play Valorant without graphics card. The developers of Valorant said that Valorant can run on computers or laptops that have no graphics card. You can run Valorant without graphics card with the help of your dedicated GPU.

You need to find a processor that has an integrated graphics card so that you can run Valorant even if you don’t have a graphics card.  But don’t expect that the quality is the same as the quality gamers experience that have graphics cards.

How To Run Valorant Without Graphics Card?

Valorant is a game that makes the most of low-poly assets. This lets players with low-end PCs get high FPS. The size of the game is about 7.2 GB, and the graphics look pretty good on all settings. Valorant can be played on PCs without a graphics card, according to the developers.

Valorant can be played on a PC using the dedicated GPU that comes with an Intel or AMD CPU (or processor). To get the game to work, open your settings and lower the resolution to 720p. Make sure the settings for advanced graphics are set to low. By doing this, even someone with an Intel HD 4000 can play Valorant at 40 FPS or more.

Here are Valorant’s official PC system requirements

Valorant PC minimum system specs

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • FPS: 30

Valorant PC recommended system specs

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150
  • GPU: Geforce GT 730
  • FPS: 60

Valorant PC high-end system specs

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
  • GPU: GTX 1050 Ti
  • FPS: 144+

Can I Play Valorant With Integrated Graphics?

At 1080p with integrated graphics, the game should turn into a slide show.

But if you play at 720p and have 8GB of dual-channel RAM, you might be surprised to get 45fps on HD 520/620 graphics.

Valorant’s simple textures and play maps remind me a lot of CS:GO, and it seems to be very friendly to lower end hardware. Unlike PUBG, it focuses on the fast-paced arcade-style gameplay, like Overwatch, rather than a lot of irrelevant terrain details.

The graphics for HD 4000 Haswell will probably drop to 30fps at 720p, but the game will still be mostly playable. I should say again that integrated graphics require dual-channel RAM.

Can 1GB Graphics Card Run Valorant?

Yes! You can run Valorant with a 1GB graphics card! If Valorant can run without a graphics card, then it can run with a laptop that has 1GB graphics card! You can get up to 60 FPS when you play Valorant with a 1GB graphics card.

Final Words

To conclude, you can play Valorant without a graphics card. The people who made Valorant said that it can run on PCs and laptops that don’t have a graphics card. With the help of your dedicated GPU, you can run Valorant without a graphics card.