Can Roblox Destroy Your Computer

Can Roblox Destroy Your Computer? Yes Or No?

Roblox is an awesome game that you can play on your computer, laptop, and even mobile phone. It has many addictive games inside Roblox that you can play. There are shooting games, horror games, puzzle games, open-world games, and more! Because of this, Roblox has become an all-time favorite of kids today! 

Most players of Roblox are kids. This means that most of them don’t know if Roblox can destroy their computers. You know kids, right? They are naive and all they know is to enjoy and play. So, if you are a parent or a kid that is curious to know if Roblox can destroy your or your kid’s computer, just keep reading. So, can Roblox destroy your computer?

Can Roblox destroy your computer? No. I am happy to tell you that having Roblox on your computer or laptop will not destroy your computer or laptop. Roblox’s system requirements are low. You can even run your Roblox on your laptop or computer that has 2GB ram or has an integrated video card only. 

However, even though Roblox will not destroy your computer, I still advise you to get a good computer with a video card and at least 4GB ram so that you will be able to play all the games in Roblox. Today, we will talk about the system requirements of Roblox so that you will know what specs of the computer you have to buy. Also, I will answer various questions related to our subject. So, let’s get it going!

Will Roblox Harm Your Laptop?

Actually, no. Roblox will not harm your laptop. Roblox requires only low specifications for you to play it smoothly. It will not make your laptop “kaboom” if you play it on your laptop. Roblox can run on old laptops that have 2GB RAM and have integrated video cards only. However, I still suggest you buy a good laptop. 

Can Roblox Break Your Hard Drive?

No. Roblox will not break your hard drive. Roblox occupies only a small space on your hard drive. Your 500GB hard drive is good enough storage space for your Roblox. You don’t need a 1TB hard drive to keep Roblox on your laptop or computer. 

Can Roblox Slow Down Your Computer?

It depends. If you have a low specifications laptop and you have many programs that are running while playing Roblox, then your computer or laptop will run slow. 

If you want to avoid Roblox lagging, then you should exit all high-power programs that are running. You can do that by going to the task manager and clicking the end task. 

Also, Roblox can slow down your computer if your drivers are not updated. You have to update your drivers so that you can run Roblox smoothly. 

However, as I said above, I suggest you buy a $400-$600 laptop or computer so that at least, you can run Roblox smoothly even if your laptop or computer is cheap. 

System Requirements Of Roblox

To run Roblox smoothly, the recommended system requirements are listed below:

  • You have a recent processor with 1.6 gigahertz
  • 20-100MB of storage space to install Roblox
  • At least 2GB RAM
  • Integrated video card or better, buy a 2GB video card


Roblox will not destroy your computer even though you are using an old computer or laptop. The system requirements of Roblox are low. However, even though the system requirements of Roblox are low, I still suggest you buy a good laptop or computer so that you will have no problem running it.