Can KAY/O Revive Himself Valorant? Gaming Guides

Can KAY/O Revive Himself Valorant?

Kay/o is one of the useful agents in Valorant. Kay/o has skills that give his teammates some information and advantage. The ultimate of Kay/o is somehow a cheat code because it prevents enemies from using their abilities when activated. Aside from that, Kay/o have a chance of reviving when he is shot while his ultimate is active. 

However, there is one question Valorant players ask. They ask if Kay/o can revive himself! So, can Kay/o revive himself? Let’s find out!

Can Kay/o revive himself? No! Kay/o cannot revive himself! Kay/o need a teammate that will revive him. If there is no teammate that will revive Kay/o, Kay/o will die since the chances of him getting revived has a time. 

How Does Kay/o Ultimate Work?

NULL/CMD is kind of like a boost for KAY/O. Once activated, KAY/O has a faster rate of fire and sends out pulses that stop enemies in a large area around him. These pulses go through walls and other obstacles on the map to stop enemies. During this ability, if KAY/O gets knocked out, his teammates have 15 seconds to come help him.

NULL/CMD gives KAY/O a powerful boost to their rate of fire, but you can only get the most out of it if you use it with your team. KAY/O is pretty strong, and his skills make him good at going it alone, but he needs his teammates to bring him back to life. That is why it means that Kay/o cannot revive himself. 

NULL/CMD is a powerful way for attackers to get into a site because the suppression pulses happen all the time. It can also help you take back sites when you are on the defensive. Before you charge in, no matter what you do, make sure your team is there to trade kills and help you.

How Long Does Kay/o Ult Last?

“Null/CMD” is the ultimate ability of Kay/o, and it lasts for 8 seconds. During this time, enemies within the radius of the ultimate can’t use their abilities and take twice as much damage from all sources. Kay/ultimate o’s also generates pulses that reveal enemy locations and make them vulnerable to damage. After 8 seconds, the pulses and the effect of suppression will stop.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Kay/o cannot revive himself. Kay/o needs a teammate to revive him when he goes down while his ultimate is active. If all teammates are dead, Kay/o will automatically die even if the timer for his chance to get revived is not yet finished.