Best Gaming Glasses

6 Best Gaming Glasses (2023)

Gaming glasses are needed in today’s gaming, especially if your job is to play games like the streamer online. Gaming glasses protect your eyes from getting damaged because of too much facing in-front of the screen. It helps reduce blue light exposure so that you can protect your eyes and your health while gaming. 

However, picking the right gaming glasses can be challenging, especially if you are a new gamer. But don’t worry! We are here to help you to decide what gaming glasses you should get! We have listed down the six best gaming glasses. Let’s check them out!

6 Best Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

These blue light glasses come in different levels of tint and have stylish, classic rectangular frames that are spring-loaded for a comfortable fit on both men and women. 52% of blue light is blocked by the low-color distortion lenses. 

They work well for computer work and other office tasks, and they protect your eyes from the high-energy blue light that comes from fluorescent indoor lighting. Unlike some gaming glasses, they don’t change the colors or make everything look yellow.

You can also get these blue light shield gaming glasses with a stronger tint that blocks 62% of blue light but gives your field of view a little more of a warm tint. Both versions block 90% of the blue light with the most energy and harm. This light, which has a wavelength of 400-430 nm and is sometimes called near-ultraviolet, is thought to cause the eye problems that come with computer vision fatigue. The best Xbox One games can have a lot of glare, but these glasses will help.


  • Filters out 52- 62%UV400 rated for UV protection
  • Preserves natural-looking colors


  • A little less filtration than the Gunnar glasses.
  • Some people might not like how it looks a little bit yellow.

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Livho Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

For individuals who spend long hours staring at screens, these gaming glasses are a convenient and pleasant approach to lessen eye strain, eye fatigue, and headache risk. These blue light-blocking glasses could be really useful, especially if you work in an office if your monitor doesn’t include a blue light filter. 

They are a necessary computer and gaming gear since they are said to improve sleep quality, boost vitality, and protect the eyes from UV damage. For best comfort when gaming on your PS4, connect these with a PS4 headset with a microphone.

These glasses include lightweight titanium alloy frames that are cozy for extended wear. Their understated antique design stands out against the somewhat tacky plastic appearance typical of inexpensive gaming glasses. 

However, not everyone likes the mature design, and some people might prefer the Ray-Ban-inspired appearance of the Playstation gaming spectacles (our #2 selection). You’ll also need the best gaming headset if you want to improve your gaming audio.


  • Comfortable, adjustable nose bridge pieces
  • Non-polarized, so screen view isn’t lost
  • Titanium alloy frame


  • Some people might not like old round frames.
  • Not as good as tinted gaming glasses for cutting down on glare

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Numskull Official PlayStation UV and Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

These officially licensed Playstation gaming glasses are highly rated because they protect your eyes, make the details on the screen sharper, and help you track your movements for better gaming.

 Unlike the clear blue glasses from Livho that block out light, these have a slight shift in the colors. The warmer view that results reduces eye strain and helps people who have trouble sleeping because of their screens.

These Sony Playstation glasses are some of the best gaming glasses for hard-core gamers, twitch streamers, and eSports players because they are very clear and protect your eyes from UV light. They also work well for people who spend a lot of time at a computer, but graphic designers need to be aware that they change the way colors look.


  • Shifts color spectrum to enhance detail
  • UV 400 rated
  • Carrying case and cleaning cloth included


  • Made of plastic instead of metal as with the Livho
  • Fit can be tight for those with wider heads

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ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

These blue light-blocking glasses from AnyLuv were made to improve health, productivity, and gaming performance. They have clear lenses and UV-400 level UVA and UVB protection, which reduces eye strain and fatigue and helps maintain visual acuity. They have high-quality metal frames that don’t feel too heavy.

With a 45 percent rating for blocking blue light, these gaming glasses filter out the brighter parts of the blue light spectrum while keeping most of the colors’ natural looks. These don’t have a tint like the Playstation and Gunnar Optics onyx gaming glasses, so they look like “normal” prescription glasses.


  • UV 400 rated blocking
  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Scratch and oil resistant


  • 56 mm lens is wider than some prefer
  • Doesn’t block as much blue light as some picks

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Gunnar Optics Riot/Onyx Gaming Glasses

These glasses block blue light and are recommended by an optometrist for both gaming and general computer and mobile device use. They are FDA-approved and are made to help you avoid insomnia and mental fatigue caused by too much blue light from screens and LEDs.

The Gunnar Opitks onyx gaming glasses have a polycarbonate frame that is durable, resistant to humidity, and light. They also block 65% of blue light, which is more than the Anyluv glasses that don’t have any tint. All of the best gaming glasses on our list, including these, have a UV 400 rating to protect against UV light. This helps prevent macular degeneration from getting worse with age and keeps your eyesight clear.


  • Highest filtration percentage on our list
  • Durable, three-barrel hinges
  • Ergonomic shape for long term comfort


  • Limited stylistic options compared to the Livho or Coasion gaming glasses
  • Not as detail-enhancing as the Playstation glasses

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COASION Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

These are some of the most stylish cheap gaming glasses on our list. They look good at the office and during Zoom calls and Facetime meetings, and they also help reduce eye strain and possible long-term damage caused by blue light from screens and monitors.

Their frames are half-rimless, giving them a classic look that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The titanium polymer TR-90 frames have a low-friction coating that makes them easy to put on and take off. They also remember their shape, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


  • Classic Wayfarer design
  • A stylish design that looks old
  • Frame made of memory polymer TR-90 for comfort


  • Not sure what percentage of blue light is blocked.
  • Doesn’t improve sharpness as much as the Playstation glasses.

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Features To Consider


Some of the best gaming glasses, like most Oakley gaming glasses and Nitebux gaming glasses, as well as the Playstation (our #3 pick) and the Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses (our #5 pick), have a noticeable tint that changes the colors you see. 

This means that, in addition to blocking the light at the top of the visible spectrum, they also change how you see other colors. Some people may like the effect, finding that it makes their eyes less tired and helps them focus better. Others may need to see colors more “naturally” and just want to block out the light with the shortest wavelength and most harmful effects.

UV Rating

The best blue light glasses for gaming will have a UV protection rating of UV 400. This will help protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration and screen and fluorescent light-related headaches and tiredness.

Full Rim Vs. Rimless

Rimless or semi-rimless gaming glasses may look more “mature” and professional, and they may also work better with prescription gaming glasses. This is mostly a matter of personal style, though.


Many of the best gaming glasses aren’t polarized, so they don’t mess up the way some monitors send out light. Some electronic displays can’t be seen through polarized sunglasses. This is less of a problem with modern OLED and LCD screens, but many gamers find that polarizing sunglasses make it hard to see details and add to a “flicker” effect.

Anti-Glare Coating

The best gaming glasses will have a coating that reduces glare, so reflections won’t be as noticeable. Depending on how bright your room is, this can be a big problem when you wear glasses and look at a computer screen.

Do Gaming Glasses Actually Work?

Gaming glasses, which usually mean glasses that block blue light, can actually help reduce eye strain and fatigue. Many gamers and tech pros use them and say they help them focus and even keep them from getting headaches from looking at screens. Some studies have also shown that gaming glasses might help people who have trouble sleeping and keep their natural circadian rhythm.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it! Those are the 6 best gaming glasses that we think will be helpful for your gaming needs. We chose the product based on its ratings and positive reactions of different people who have bought these gaming glasses. Hope our article helped you to decide what type of gaming glasses you will buy! Cheers!